These free photography resources will help you learn photography more quickly, find great places to buy photography equipment, and to enjoy your journey while becoming a more confident photographer.

Learning photography can be a challenge, with these free photography resources I know you'll find it less frustrating and much more fun!

-Don Orkoskey

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Photography is for everyone but not everyone has the time or money to take a class. My free photography resources don't take the place of in-classroom learning but they will you feel less frustrated, more confident, and will help you to navigate a lot of the pitfalls that other photographers have been tripped up by.

Check out my photography classes to see if a class fits into your busy schedule.

Free Photography Resources

Below are some free photography resources that I know will help you grow as a photographer. They include photography articles that I've written for my blog as well as other resources such as YouTube videos that I've watched and recommend and other websites where I know you'll find high quality free photography information that will help you become a better photographer.

Photography Tutorials

Youtube is a great free resource for excellent photography tutorials but finding good channels can be a challenge. I've compiled the following list of channels which I highly recommend. They feature informative videos that will help you improve your photography skills.


If you're not already following FStoppers you'll want to start to immediately. While many of their videos offer advanced information for pro photographers and those looking to be pros there is still a lot of worthy stuff to check out if you kinda know what you're doing but want to take your skills to the next level, and then the level after that.

Mark McGee

Mark McGee runs a solid YouTube channel where you can find great info that I know will appeal to a a whole lot of you. From Street Photography to product reviews Mark always delivers top quality photography videos.

Westcott Lighting

Westcott makes some really great lights. They also produce a ton of videos on lighting. If you're looking for photography tutorials on lighting then you've got to check out Westcott Lighting. Most of their tutorials translate to other brands of lighting and even other types of light. Photography is all about light so even if you just shoot in natural light you'll want to check out Westcott Lightings YouTube channel.


Just like Westcott, Adorama clearly has a motive - to get you to buy photography gear. Still their videos are incredible. Hit that subscribe button to learn all sorts of great information.

The Slanted Lens

There are a handful of passionate folks out there making great photography tutorials. The Slanted Lens is one of, if not the, best. From fairly beginner level stuff to advanced techniques plus great product reviews you're going to want to follow The Slanted Lens.

The Photographic Eye

Not only a great source for learning how to photograph stuff, The Photographic Eye also offers a bit of historic content. Maybe that's not your thing but I think it's really helpful to know where we've been so you can know where you're going.

Julieanne Kost

You know it wouldn't be a full list of photography tutorials without tossing in some great resources for post production. Julieanne Kost makes really great, in depth tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and other post production software.

Karl Taylor

Karl Taylor is someone else who really pours so much into the videos he creates. They're very well produced and full of great information. Many of them will only be appropriate for more advanced photographers but he's a great resource so keep him tucked away even if you don't need his information just yet.

Lindsay Adler

When it comes to photographers who really know their stuff and can help you to understand how to improve your work Lindsay Adler is at the top of the list. Lindsay's work is mostly with people so if you're not into taking portraits she might not be for you but subscribe anyhow because light is light. Even if you don't think you need this information now you'll thank me, or more appropriately, Lindsay, later.

Mads Peter Iversen

While I love nature photography I'm not really a landscape guy but Mads Peter Iversen is such an amazing teacher that I never miss any of his videos. Mads offers a number of downloadables and other tools that will help you to understand how to create incredible photos. I promise that he will become one of your favorite Youtube photography resources.

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes channel, the Art of Photography, is a great place to learn about all sorts of cool photography related stuff. It's not a straightforward tutorial channel but it's full of incredible free photography resources that I certainly appriciate.

Free In Person Photography Resources

You can find all sorts of free in person photography resources in Pittsburgh. We have great camera shops such as Premier Imaging right here in the burbs. There's also YM Camera just a few miles away in Youngstown. Both of these shops are staffed with actual photographers who know quite a lot. Our local universities sometimes offer lectures and presentations. Plus you can join me on one of my free nature photography walks. Read more about those below.

More Free Photography Resources

Here are some more free photography resources. These include resources sent in from folks just like you.  If you have any links, articles, blog posts, or other free photography resources you think I should feature contact me to let me know.

Blogs, Articles, & More

Here are some great blogs, articles, and more that I follow or that have been suggested by folks who found my free photography resources to be helpful. Check back often as I'll be adding to it as I come across additional resources.

The Ultimate Savings Guide for Beginner Photographers - this article was shared with me by Kelly, a youth librarian and educator who is running a fun photography workshop. It was suggested by a young photographer named Amelia who is taking part in Kelly's workshop. Amelia says this article helped spark her interest in photography. It's a great resource with loads of tips for how to use your creativity as a photographer without needing to spend much money. has long been a great resource. When I was starting out in business I learned so much from Flickr. Not only was I able to connect to other working photographers and to see their work but I was able to improve my photography in a bunch of different ways. This is because Flickr is a very democratic website where photographers of all skill levels can meet and discuss things. Flickr has also been around longer than most other social networks mostly because of the true bonds it helps foster between photographers. Join groups that are related to your interest and search their archives  for amazing tips and discussions or ask your own questions. Flickr is also a great place to share your work and get feedback from other photographers. Unlike Instagram and other social networks Flickr is almost exclusively photographers so the information you'll get about your work will be from people interested in photography.

CreativeLive like Flickr CreativeLive offers a great collection that can help not only beginners but advanced photographers. I've taken a number of classes from CreativeLive over the past several years. CreativeLive is where I found out about Lindsay Adler whose Youtube I linked above. Now she's one of my favorite photography teachers.

Digital Photography School has so many free photography resources. From simple tutorials to reviews of photography equipment and a whole lot more. A lot of the students who sign up for my photography classes have used DPS's materials and courses to get a better understanding of what they're doing.

Aperture Foundation is a great organization that produces books and a quarterly magazine with the purpose of advancing the world of photography and connecting photographers. They have books for kids, teens, and adults no matter what their skill  levels are. You're not going to see a lot of technical tutorials but when it comes to composition and the art of photography as well as social issues surrounding photography Aperture is an amazing free photography resource.