Why Learning Photography Makes You A Better Person

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Here is why learning photography makes you a better person. A bold statement for me to make perhaps but I promise I can back it up. Learning photography improves your life in so many positive ways. Photography, like other hobbies, or forms of artistic expression changes us and helps us grow as people. Learning photography makes you a better person and here is why.

Learning Photography Helps You See The World Differently

So often in life we focus on ourselves and our immediate environment but learning photography helps you see the world differently. When you begin to learn photography you start to notice patterns, shapes, lines, textures, and so much more. As you become a photographer you'll begin to appriciate contrast and how light plays off of different surfaces.

Learning photography helps you to see the world differently because it makes you more aware. That awareness extends not only to the lights and shadows that make up our world but also to who and what is in it.

Photography Builds Awareness

Photography builds awareness of the world around us. We begin to ask questions and anticipate what will happen. We come to understand what we photograph better. If we photograph people we begin to read emotions and attitudes better. We also begin to appriciate the beauty that each individual possesses.

If we prefer nature photography then learning to improve our photography will help us to better anticipate the natural world. We'll start to where the sun rises and sets in relation to our surroundings or we'll begin to understand the actions of wild animals that we're interested in.

Learning Photography Helps You Work Through Trauma

Learning photography helps you work through trauma and other complex subjects. If you've suffered any sort of trauma photography and other forms of artistic expression can help you process your lived experience in a more reflexive and understanding way. When we begin to create things start to come out in our work unconsciously. Photography is an analytical form of art making so it encourages you to recognize what you're seeing and experiencing. Learning photography to address trauma helps us to do the critical work of healing in a safe and often joyful way.

The Deep Need For Understanding

We all have a deep need for understanding. Photography can help us address our own as well as generational trauma by teaching us more about ourselves and those around us. The camera adds a layer of separation that can be alienating but it can also give us a sense of distance from which to see our place in the world which we're photographing.

Photography can also help us to become kinder to ourselves, to love ourselves, and that helps us to love those around us even more deeply. Through photography or other forms of art we are able to forgive ourselves and forgive those who've harmed us. This works because of that sense of distance. By looking through the lens we see ourselves just separate enough from the world we inhabit to give us added insight.

Learning Photography Is Fun

While photography can help us grow in a number of different ways learning photography is fun as well. You don't need to be processing trauma or seeking to improve who you are fundamentally. Photography classes and learning, even on your own, is fun and can be very rewarding. It's important that we experience joy in our lives. If that is all that photography brings you then I would argue that you're a better person for it.

Why Do You Want To Learn Photography?

Why do you want to learn photography? Is there another reason that doesn't tie into the above reasons? Do you just want to document the beauty around you? Do you want to create photos for a living? Is there something else about photography that draws you to it? Contact me to let me know!

Find A Photography Class

Now that you have some ideas of how learning photography makes you a better person you might want to find a photography class or sign up for private lessons. If you're not ready to take a class or don't have the money check out my free photography resources which are a great place to start. If you have any questions or want to tell me why you think learning photography makes you a better person visit my contact page to do so.

September 28, 2022 | Don Orkoskey
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