Fine Art Photographer Don Orkoskey

Fine Art Photography

Documenting the systems that impact our lives and our world through fine art photography.
I am fascinated by the systems that make up our reality. From natural to man-made we are surrounded by systems. As a result we are subject to their conditions in ways we often do not realize. This is what I seek to draw attention to.

Photographing Natural Systems

I'm excited by natural systems. This is because nature doesn't produce waste or seek advantages. As a result natural systems are more elegant. Because I'm intensely drawn to these systems I find myself producing fine art photography that documents parts of these systems.

I am both at peace and filled with excitement when working in nature and photographing the systems I witness at work. Because of this my fine art and nature photography practices often meet.

Man-Made Systems

Man made systems also draw my interest. These systems often have a far greater impact on our lives. First, because many systems are designed without our input, we are at their mercy. Second, because many of these systems were designed to benefit a select few, they have sweeping negative impacts on the many and the planet. Finally, there are systems we've unconsciously created because of our interactions with our reality.

I'm highly interested in documenting, understanding, and photographing these systems. I'm calling attention to the ways we interact with them. I want to generate greater awareness and understanding. This is especially true when it comes to harmful systems and the damage they bring.

My fine art photography seeks to shine a light on these systems because I strongly believe that we need to be aware of them and their impact on our lives.

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Find more of my fine art photography work on my fine art website: along with explanations about specific projects. A lot of the work available there at the moment is specifically about nature. You can see more of my fine art by jumping to the fine art photography page.

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Be sure to check out my other photography work. Visit my photography services page. Alternatively you can visit my event photography page, portraits, family photos, couple's portraits, and nature photography pages. If you have any questions about my work please contact me.