Fine Art Photography

My fine art photography work focuses on human-made and natural systems that surround us. This subject of photographic work seems to cover a large range of subjects. However at the core is my focus on how these systems intertwine. They weave around us. I'm fascinated by how we interact with the natural and man-made worlds.

In my fine art work I try to center natural systems and nature itself. This is because, in nature, we find patterns that are regenerative, healing, and designed by the interactions of those affected by them. These are not always beautiful. However they offer truth. They are unassuming, and have developed over time with and without our interventions. Natural systems seek balance and progress and this fascinates me. This is especially true when juxtaposed with human-made systems. These are usually designed to benefit a select few and at the expense of many.

You'll find some more of my fine art photography work at my fine art website: along with explanations about these projects. If you're interested in seeing a full collection of any of these projects, buying a piece, or in discussing my work with me please contact me to set up a viewing appointment.

Pittsburgh Fine Art Photographer

If you're a collector of fine art photography near Pittsburgh please contact me. I would love to speak with you about my work. I'm interested in both exhibition and private collection. My work is fairly regionally focused. As a Pittsburgh photographer and child of the rustbelt my work often focuses on local systems impacting the Pittsburgh region.

My Other Photography Work

Be sure to check out my other photography work by visiting my photography services page. Alternatively you can visit my event photography page, portraits, family photos, couple's portraits, and nature photography pages. If you have any questions about my work please contact me.