November Nature Photography Walks

November Nature Photography Walks

It's hard to believe I only was able to do one November Nature Photography Walk this year but due to holiday traveling there won't be a photography walk this Sat. Nov 27th. This will be the third one in a row that I've had to cancel but don't worry I promise, come sleet, snow, or anything else that might be tossed our way we will return in December for more nature photography walks starting on Dec. 4th.

I hope you were able to get out there and take a lot of nature photos this November even if I wasn't. At first blush it might not seem like the best time of year to do so but fall is a perfect time for nature photography and not just because of the leaves changing colors. There are so many more wonders of nature to photograph in the fall including loads of wildlife such as deer, foxes, birds, and rabbits. There are even still some insects active on warmer days including grasshoppers and beetles.

The nature photography walks I did manage to go on this month were incredible. I captured some truly wonderful photos. Have a look at them on Flickr. Please like and follow my Facebook page and Twitter for updates about my nature photography walks, photography classes, and more. If you want to join me on a walk or just want to ask a question about Pittsburgh nature photography please reach out via my contact page. If you want to improve your nature photography or any even general photography skills subscribe to my mailing list. Good luck out there, go explore this amazing world of ours and take loads of photos! Nature photography is for everyone!


Perfect Holiday Home Décor Gifts

Nature Photography by Don Orkoskey

Give everyone on your gift list the best in home décor with beautiful and one-of-a-kind photos from Don Orkoskey.

You're looking for the perfect holiday home décor gifts and I have you covered! From landscapes to flowers, wildlife, to abstract scenes. I have some truly amazing prints, matted and framed in a variety of different colors and materials ready to ship to you and everyone on your list this holiday season. If you're searching for the perfect holiday home décor gifts let me help you find something for everyone on your list.

Fine Art Gifts

Everyone loves fine art gifts and my prints are made right here in the US and ship anywhere. You've still got time to pick the perfect photo gift and I am here to help you make that choice. Use the contact form or call me at 412.206.9364 so we can set up a time to chat via Zoom. This way I can help you pick out the perfect presents.

Fine art is the perfect holiday gift. It won't wear out, it will be loved for years to come, and it will bring joy to everyone who sees it. Art tells a story, it helps to add life and excitement to the rooms it's displayed in, and it speaks to everyone differently.

My fine art prints also help show off the personality of the person you're buying for. Are they a hunter? Do they love fishing? Are they someone who dreams of the mountains or the beach? No matter who you're buying for I have something for everyone.

Holiday Fine Art Home Décor

My holiday fine art home décor prints can fit any budget and any space. My fine art prints come as small as 5x7 inches and as large as 16x24 inches before they're matted and framed. If you're unsure what size works best you can place a hold order for the image of your choice and allow the person you're buying from to choose their frame, matt, and even the size of their print. This will help make sure it's the perfect size and fit for their space.

How to Buy Fine Art Holiday Gifts

If you're not sure how to buy fine art holiday gifts then you've come to the right place. Let me help walk you through the process and make sure everyone on your gift list is happy. To get started make a list of everyone you're looking to buy fine art home décor and what you think might look great in their home. Think about their walls and what sort of photographs might fit size wise and in terms of color and subject. Call or message me and together we'll look at your list and I'll walk you through a few options that can meet your needs. Then we'll put your order in and ship your gifts to you or directly to everyone on your list.

Don't Wait Too Long

Don't wait too long. Order by Dec 1st and your fine art matted and framed print will be delivered in time for Christmas with no need for rush shipping. Contact me today and let me help you finish your holiday home décor shopping list so you can relax and enjoy the season.

Check out some of my fine art on Etsy and at my fine art and nature galleries on Zenfolio.

Saturday Nature Photo Walk

Nature Photography by Don Orkoskey

I photographed this whitetail deer in Frick Park on one of my Saturday nature photography walks. We often encounter deer on our walks along with lots of birds, insects, and beautiful plants.

There will be no Saturday nature photography walk in Frick Park on Nov 13th as I have an early wedding to photography. I will be back out for the Saturday nature photography walk Nov 20th and encourage you to join me.

Next Saturday

Join me next Saturday, Nov 20th at the fountain just beyond the Frick Environmental Center at 9:30 am when I resume my walks. These walks are a really fun way to practice your photography skills, to see nature at all times of year, to photography nature, and to get a little bit of exercise and socialization.

Everyone Is Welcome

I adjust my walks to whomever comes because everyone is welcome. All ages, all skill levels, all types of camera equipment from phones to professional cameras.

Mobility Friendly

Because I tailor my walks to who shows up they're always mobility friendly. There are areas of the park along paved paths that are perfect for photographing birds and plants. Most of the flowers have died by this time of year but the dead flowers are often just as interesting. If you're able to walk on uneven surfaces there are some gentle paths through the meadow that we can take. If you're able to do steps there are some great spots behind the Frick Environmental Center to sit and photograph birds as they visit the bird feeders. Even if you're not able to do steps there are feeders at the top of them where we can see a variety of song birds and even some hawks. My walks are for everyone regardless of mobility.

Family Friendly

My walks are always family friendly. Bring your kids, bring the dog, bring the whole family. These Saturday nature photography walks are designed to accomidate everyone including the kiddos. I've taught kids photography and done other arts education. I have my clearances to work with kids have a current background check through the PA State Police that is available upon request. I'm always happy to introduce or encourage kids to explore nature and photography. These walks are a great way to teach your kids how to use their phones as creative tools and how to express themselves creatively and how to document their world and to tell stories.

Other Opportunities

Even though my Saturday nature photography walk is not happening this Saturday you've still got the chance to join me for some fun this Friday at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden where I'm teaching my phone photography course from 9:30am to 12:30pm. Sign up for the class here. This is a great class for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of how to use their phone to capture better photos and to feel more confident while doing so.

If you would like to join me on any other nature photography walks such as my North Park photography walks or accompany me on any local trips to other nature photography hot-spots please use my contact form to reach me so we can discuss it in more detail.

Learn Smarter Phone Photography

butterfly phone photography

Join me Nov. 7th or 12th to learn smarter phone photography at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. If you're looking to improve your photography skills or trying to figure out how to get the most of out your phone's camera this is the perfect time to learn. The holiday's are coming up fast which means family and work parties and lots of chances to take great photos. Sign up for this class and feel more confident in your photography abilities!

This Class Is For You

If you take photos with your phone then this class is for you! There are two opportunities to take this class. Sign up for Sunday Nov 7th or Friday Nov 12th. I promise you that if you use your phone to take pictures that you will really enjoy this class. As with all of my classes I focus on teaching you the fundamentals of photography rather than gimmicks and tricks that only work if the conditions are right. With the photography skills you'll learn in this class you will be able to solve problems when you encounter them and that, to me, is what learning is for.

All Ages And Skill Levels

nature phone photographyMy classes are open to all ages and skill levels. I focus on teaching the fundamentals of photography including exposure, focus, framing, composition, and how to understand light. Everyone, no matter their age or abilities will benefit from this class. It doesn't matter if you have an iPhone or Android phone, it doesn't matter if you've been taking photos with your phone for years.

This class will help you understand the science and craft of photography, how to avoid hype from phone sellers, how to edit your photos on your phone, and how to share them on social media or elsewhere.

What You'll Learn

If you want to know what you'll learn before you sign up for the class then read on. If you're ready to learn smarter phone photography you can visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden's website to register for the Nov. 7th class or to register for the Nov. 12th class. In this class you'll learn:

  • how to control your phone's camera
  • how to set your exposure
  • how to focus
  • how to find great light
  • how to compose photos that look incredible
  • what accessories to buy to take your phone photography to the next level
  • how to make the best photos possible even in difficult situations

My Teaching Style

I recognize that everyone learns differently and my teaching style takes this into account. This class will be part lecture with slides and part practical experience. My goal is to make sure my classes are enjoyable, interactive, and informative. I want you to feel engaged, to participate, and to feel like you learned what you came to learn. Learning is a collaborative process. We're in this together so I ask that you work with me and let me know if you're not following anything I'm teaching and expect that I'll be checking in with you during the class if you look like you don't understand. Your satisfaction is important to me.

Register For These Classes

If you're ready to please visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden's website to register for these classes. If you have any questions please call or text me or visit my contact form to ask me anything. I can't wait to meet you in class!

Game Changer: Sony’s New Phone Camera

The Xperia Pro-I is a game changer. Sony's new phone camera sports a 1 inch sensor and all sorts of great tech that will take phone photography to a whole new level. In this post I'm going to break down why it's such a game changer and what all of this stuff means to the average consumer who just wants to take really nice photos with their phone.

Sony's isn't the first phone to ship with a 1 inch camera sensor. Leica's Leitz Phone 1 was announced earlier this year. It also sports a 1 inch camera sensor. However the Xperia Pro-I is packed with a lot of other features and tech that take it to a whole other level. Does this point to a phone camera arms race? I hope so as that would great news for phone photographers, vloggers, and the average consumer. Bigger sensors mean better photos and with phone cameras dominating the consumer camera market better cameras are absolutely a good thing.

Specifications and Features

Sony's Xperia Pro-I phoneLet's talk about the specifications and features in Sony's new phone camera. Then I'll break down how they help phone photographers and the average phone owner. Sony's Xperia Pro-I not only has a 1 inch sensor but it also features beautiful glass from Carl Zeiss. Like Leica's Leitz Phone 1 Sony recognizes that a giant phone camera sensor needs an appropriately sharp lens. Sony doesn't stop there even as Leica seems to.

Adjustable Aperture

Sony has added a mechanical adjustable aperture allowing you to stop down or open up controlling your depth of field and the amount of light allowed in mechanically rather than relying on digital trickery (that often fails) like what the iPhone does in portrait mode. If you care about bokeh then you're going to love this phone. While there are only two stops that functionally doubles the amount of control you have over your exposure from all other phone cameras which have fixed apertures.

Low-Light Photography

The sensor is engineered for great low-light photography. This is very important for two reasons. One the flash on phone cameras is generally terrible (and technically not actually even really a flash in the traditional sense of the word) and because everyone, especially the average consumer ends up taking photos when there isn't enough light. Sony's done some incredible stuff for low-light photography here. I won't get into the technical details which you can read on their website but it all means less noise, a higher dynamic range, and better looking low-light photographs.

Advanced Autofocus

I'll again avoid getting into overly technical stuff here because it's written about elsewhere but the advanced autofocus  that the Sony Xperia Pro-I includes is leaps and bounds beyond what Leica or any other currently available camera phone has. As a still photographer these features might not seem that advanced but if you're a vlogger or shoot video you will really notice how much better Sony's autofocus system is.

Video Features

I'm a still photographer so I don't want to get into video features too much but if you're a vlogger or into shooting video on your phone be sure to check out the incredible features that the Xperia Pro-I has when it comes to video. This is a camera built for vlogging. For more on this read Tech Radar's article about it. Also know there are a bunch of accessories including a plug and play monitor available for this phone. Also it has stereo microphones and face/eye tracking that makes it an absolute dream phone if video is your thing. Even if video isn't your thing, the average consumer will appriciate a camera that will track their cat or their grandkid's erratic movements.

Need For Speed

Thanks to the big aperture and wide lenses if you've got a need for speed you'll find it here. Keeping up with phone photographers and videographers Sony has also added fast capture capabilities that should prevent rolling shutter issues that even some large mirrorless camera systems struggle with. If you're looking to take photos of action, people, animals, or objects in motion or to drag your shutter Sony is promising to give you photos without the oblong and funky issues that the average iPhone or Android user suffers from.

What It All Means

If you're still wondering what it all means and if you should shell out nearly $2k USD on this phone then let me try to clear some of that up for you. The truth is this isn't a phone for the average user. If you're older and love your iPhone and how easy it is to use please stick with Apple. While this shouldn't be a hard phone or camera to use it also probably won't provide that much more for you in the way of photography to make it worth it. If you're serious about the photos you do take then by all means this camera should be in your wish-list.

The adjustable aperture will give you twice as much control over your photos when compared to a phone without one. That said, it only has two aperture choices which I find annoying as they could have provided at least 3 or 4. If you're going to add a mechanical aperture why not give it more stops so photographers have even more control over their exposure?

The low light features are in fact impressive but without a doubt the average consumer will still find areas that are too dark to take good photos in. Still if you take a lot of photos at night, inside, or do video or vlogging after dark or inside this camera could make your videos look a whole lot better. The fact that it comes with a headphone jack and not just a USB-C or HDMI is big news because you can add lights, mics, monitors, etc. which can really make your nighttime video shooting come alive.

The autofocus is likewise a great advance that everyone will benefit from but of course those who will benefit the most are people who vlog or do other phone video shoots. This all makes this phone ideal for vloggers. After all if you're a serious still photographer you'll want a bigger camera with interchangeable lenses but if you've got money to spare maybe you'll make the switch from your iPhone to this Sony, especially if you're already a Sony mirrorless camera owner and want to have some brand consistency or something.

Who Is It For

So if you're still asking who is it for then the answer is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you're really excited by all of these specifications and features and you know that Sony has introduced a real game changer of a phone camera here then you're the target audience for sure. If you're a vlogger, someone who needs the versatility and compact size that a phone offers but want to take great photos or shoot great video then this might be the phone for you.

As for the rest of us, myself included, I'm really excited about this phone because it means my Samsung and your iPhone cameras are likely to get better in order to not lose market-share to Sony. That makes the Xperia Pro-I a game changing camera for all of us.

Photographer Don OrkoskeyI'm pro photographer Don Orkoskey. I'm a photography teacher who teaches phone photography, intro to photography and a whole lot more. I also like to write about all things related to photography. Read more here on my blog or visit my classes page for a list of classes both virtual and in person that I'm teaching.

Photography Classes in Pittsburgh

Photography classes in Pittsburgh - student work

I've been teaching photography classes in Pittsburgh for the better part of 2 decades. One of the greatest feelings in the world is seeing a student really knock it out of the park. Many of the photo classes I teach are introductory classes or an introduction to some of the more common types of photography that people are interested in such as macro photography, nature photography, or classes on how to photograph babies and toddlers.

Intro To Photography

This summer I taught a four-week in-person Intro to Photography class at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden where I had the pleasure of meeting and teaching Amanda. This class was largely designed around the amazing grounds of the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden so my expectation going in was that we would have a lot of nature photographers or would be nature photographers.

That being said, I always like to ask my students why they've signed up for my photo classes, what they're looking to learn, what they want to photograph, etc. Over the years I've gotten all sorts of answers but the most common are:

  • I'm confused by my camera and want to know how to make it work because I'm frustrated
  • I'm used to taking photos but want to know how to move from auto to having more control over my photos
  • It's been years since I took pictures with film and I don't really understand digital photography

I expected everyone to be somewhere close to those. However when I asked Amanda what she wanted to learn and why she signed up for the class she told me it was to improve her skills before photographing her cousin's wedding. That's right! She agreed to photograph her cousin's wedding and was hoping I could help her get prepared to do so. I would be lying if I said that didn't make my eyes pop.

Wedding Photography

The truth is wedding photography is not at all easy. Weddings are hectic events to photograph even for seasoned photographers. There is usually only one chance or a few moments at most to capture all of the important scenes at a wedding. Knowing what you're doing is really important. Amanda was understandably nervous but was also determined to do a good job for her cousin.

My philosophy when it comes to teaching photography is that once you understand the technical aspects of exposure and focus along with the creative aspects of composition and design photography is just a matter of practicing and improving little by little. We practice until we've mastered one concept then we push and challenge ourselves to learn more and go beyond what we already understand. So as shocking at it was at first to hear how quickly Amanda needed to become a wedding photographer I knew that she could get there but wasn't sure if she could get there in time.

Intro To Wedding Photography

This was a basic intro to photography class, not an intro to wedding photography but Amanda and I talked quite a bit about ways to prepare. We discussed her camera and photo gear talked about fast manual lenses, I gave her some practical tips to make things a bit easier, and we discussed what to practice doing before the big day to feel more confident and get the shots that the wedding couple wanted.

Honestly, I wouldn't ever recommend photographing a wedding after only taking an introductory class a few month beforehand but Amanda really applied herself and turned in some truly wonderful work during class. She also asked a lot of great questions and even after class ended we talked over email about things including how to use flash, how to deal with low light situations that often pop up, and how to solve other problems that are common at weddings, especially at Pittsburgh weddings.

Great News

I was so happy to open my inbox today and see  great news from Amanda. The wedding happened a few weeks ago and was a huge success. She sent me a link to some of the photos and asked a few follow up questions and for me to critique her photos so she can continue to learn and grow as a photographer.

She did an absolutely incredible job! I wish I could take all the credit for her pulling it off and being a great photographer but the truth is my class was just a small part of it.

Amanda is really talented. She has a great eye for composition, and really worked hard to learn the technical aspects of photography and how to apply them. She told me that she faced a few challenges but that she didn't get flustered and thought about what we talked about it class. At the end of the day the photos that had worried her look wonderful. I was so impressed that I asked her if she would mind me sharing some of the work and after checking with the lovely couple she agreed.

Here are a few of her photos from the wedding that really stand out for me. Look at how well exposed and composed they are! These are really great photos and you'd never know they were done by a photographer who just completed a four-week intro to photography class.

These are great photos! Amanda did a really excellent job on these and I'm so relieved. I remember my first wedding, how nervous I was, how bad I think the photos look now 20 plus years later, and how much I had to learn despite several years of school being under my belt. Weddings are really not easy but Amanda made her couple look great, captured a lot of really touching moments in really great ways, and stepped up to the challenges that she faced.

I can't promise that you'll have the same amazing results as Amanda did here but I can promise you that if you take one of my introduction to photography classes or any other photography class from me that I will help you to improve your photography, learn the technical aspects of exposure, focus, and more as well as teaching you about composition and design. I can also tell you that I'm always here for my students no matter how big the challenges are that they're looking to tackle.

If you're looking for photography classes in Pittsburgh and want a teacher who is as dedicated to teaching as you are to learning photography then please check out my list of current and upcoming classes. Of course even if I'm not currently teaching any photography classes feel free to message me to ask or to set up a private session where I can help you figure out what's holding you back from camera functions to technical or creative issues, I'm always happy to help fellow photographers and those looking to become photographers.

Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk

Nature photographers in Frick Park

Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk

Join me every Saturday at 9:30 AM for my Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk. We meet at the fountain by the Frick Environmental Center near the meadow. I've been conducting these walks since March of 2021 and inviting anyone who wants to join me. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, what type of equipment you have, or how skilled as a photographer you are. The Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk is for everyone!

Everyone is welcome

Everyone is welcome no matter what type of camera you have, (even just your phone), and regardless of what skills you have as a photographer. Kids are welcome too! Everyone can and should get out into nature, take a walk, breath in the fresh air, and enjoy the amazing wonders of the natural world. This is a great way to socialize safely given that the pandemic isn't yet over. It's also a great place to learn and exchange ideas. Even though I've taught photography for more than a decade I still learn new things from people all the time on our walks.

I adjust the walk to whomever shows up. If there are people with mobility concerns we stick to the paths, if there are adventurous folks searching for hidden gems we'll visit some of the lesser known parts where we might see foxes or other more skittish animals.

What to Expect

If you want to know what to expect on the walk here is a little information that might help. First, each walk is different than the rest. Even if we take the same route because of the progress of time, the position of the sun, what is in bloom, what animals are around, and more the walks are never the same. Sometimes we see foxes, deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and rare birds, some days we see a lot of pretty flowers and not much else. It's the natural world and I don't control it, nature does. In my experience patience and perseverance is rewarded. If we expect the world to put on a show for us we may end up disappointed but if we go looking for magic and we're willing to find it in unexpected places we'll find amazement.

My Advice

Here is my advice for how to prepare. Dress appropriately, wear the right footwear, bring water and a sense of adventure, and tell me what your limits are. There is so much nature to photograph we don't have to go far from the gatehouse or the perfectly flat paved trails in front of the Environmental Center to find an abundance of opportunities.

Dress for the weather

Dress for the weather. Wear layers. There are spots where it can be muddy even on the trails so wear a good pair of boots or shoes that have good gripping capabilities and that you don't mind getting muddy. Pittsburgh is a raining town after all.

As it's now fall the weather can be pretty wacky. Some of the areas we might walk can be bright and sunny. A lot of them are south-facing. This means that the sun can penetrate into areas where there isn't much tree-cover so it's helpful to have a lighter layer underneath. We may also explore some darker, cooler, or more windy areas. Plus clouds can blow in and bring cooler temperatures so having something warm to wrap up in is essential as it gets later into the year.

Bring Water

Bring water! Even if you only stay for a half and hour hydration is important. It's even more important if we're walking up and down some of the steeper paths, carrying heavy photo gear, and talking a lot. So make sure to fill up your water bottle. I recommend to bring at least 20 ounces of water. I bring a 40 ounce water bottle and have a second bottle in the car for when I return.

Frick Park is fun but it's also full of steep tall hills. Since we'll start from the top of one we'll need to return to it should we explore the valley's below. It's no fun to be dehydrated and need to climb a giant hill. On the other hand hydrating can often help you feel more energized when hiking back to the parking lots.

Know Your Limits

Please know your limits and don't try to exceed them even if you're having a great time. We don't often wander so far from the cars that it becomes too hard to get back but every body is different. Know when to say you've had enough and to turn around. If you're embarrassed you can always say that you have other things to do. I promise not to judge either way. This is a fun event here to encourage each other, not to make each other feel bad.

The longest Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk that I've lead was two-and-a-half hours and we did around 4 miles of walking. That might not seem like a whole lot but it's a lot more than we normally do because we're carrying cameras, lenses, etc. Plus there are some sizable hills and the terrain can be rough.

Most of the walks last somewhere around 1.5 to 2 hours. A number of the walks we've not done more than a quarter of a mile of hiking due to the abundance of photographic subjects in and around the meadow. In other words it really depends on who shows up and what folks want to do. If you want to do a 4 hour hike to the Mon River to search for beaver and otter I'm game. If you want to spend 3 hours in the meadow taking macro photos I'm also very interested in that. If you want to come out, say hello, ask a few questions about taking better photos of flowers, that's awesome too! The Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk is what you make of it. So come join me the next Sat. morning that you're free. I promise that you'll have a great time!

WDO Photo Etsy Store

WDO Photo Etsy Store

I'm so happy to announce that I've opened the official WDO Photo Etsy store! I'm still selling all of my prints via Zenfolio but by opening a store on Etsy I'm hoping to find new customers for my fine art photography.

Dreams Photography

I'm featuring my Dreams Photography series on the WDO Photo Etsy store. I really love this series and am so happy to be working on these. These are photos that focus on dream imagery and what those things might mean to us. They're all taken from real life. These are photographs, not digital images but they invoke a sense of dreams and what dreams mean to us. They're also inspirational, and meditative. You can hang these photos in places that you find calming and you center yourself on them to find peace, help you reset yourself, and to gain inspiration. They allow you to look deep within yourself and find truth.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography by Don OrkoskeyIn addition to the Dreams Series I'm featuring a growing collection of my nature photography on the WDO Photo Etsy store.

You'll be able to find a lot of the photos that people have reacted strongly to when they've been exhibited in the past. This includes some of my personal favorites as well such as my Gold Finch and Frog In The Rain photos.

If you love my nature work you can still buy a print directly from me (that's better for me financially) or order via my Zenfolio galleries (they too take a smaller cut than Etsy) but I'm committed to making Etsy work because it has a very wide audience that I'm excited to tap into.

What is Etsy

If you're not familiar and find yourself asking what is Etsy let me tell you. Etsy is a platform for creatives to sell their wares. There are a lot of independent artists of all types from fine jewelers to fiber artists on Etsy. It's a great place to Shop Small and to support independent creators and businesses both locally and from around the world and Etsy does feature creators from across the globe. In fact we bought some really fun knitted socks for Zhanna from Turkey and our wedding rings from someone in California. If you've not explored Etsy check it out for sure!

Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Pittsburgh's Strip District

Everyone LOVES Pittsburgh's Strip District. I know that all too well, I served as the President of the Board of Directors for the neighborhood's community development group, Strip District Neighbors (SDN) for 4 years. Last Sunday I had the distinct pleasure of returning to the Strip to sell prints at part of the Strip District Terminal's Terminal Art Market. It was such an incredible day to be in the Strip! The weather was warm, the sun was shining, and the people were out in force.

I finished my tenure as president of SDN (formerly Neighbors in the Strip when I served on the board) in 2016. At that time the Strip District was going through a ton of changes but seeing what has gone on in the last year up-close on Sunday was really something special. McCaffery Interests are doing such a wonderful job. The rehab of the old PA Railroad Produce Terminal into a bustling addition to the already legendary Penn Ave. Shopping District swells my heart.

Selling Photographs in Pittsburgh's Strip District

I love that they are doing really fun and engaging projects such as the Terminal Art Market. It was so much fun to be in the Strip District on a weekend selling prints and interacting with my fellow Pittsburghers and the folks from the Strip District Terminal were incredible.

If you've not been to the Strip District Terminal since it's opened to the public I strongly encourage you to visit. It's home to an incredible plant shop that I absolutely love called City Grows and a bunch of other shops. Plus there is still a lot of vacancy that is understandable given how recently it's opened and the pandemic. I can't wait to see what they add to the old Produce Terminal. So far everything that has opened really does compliment the shops on Penn Ave. which is really something given the variety and uniqueness of the Penn Ave. shopping district which is what makes the Strip one of Pittsburgh's most iconic neighborhoods.

Strip District DoggoThe city has really done a great job with calming traffic on Smallman Street as well which, as a former Pittsburgh Public Market shopper I can tell you is very helpful. It used to be like playing frogger trying to cross from the Terminal over to Penn Ave.

I guess I'm really showing my age there referencing an old Atari video and arcade game but so be it. It was such a beautiful day and because of how calm Smallman Street is, how fun and active the Terminal is, and how many people have moved into the neighborhood over the past decade the Strip District was full of families, people walking dogs, and people creating a real communal, neighborhood vibe which was so wonderful to feel. At times I really miss the buzz and hectic adventure that running one of the city's business neighborhood groups and living in the heart of Pittsburgh's Strip District but I am incredibly happy with the work that folks there are doing right now, the connections that are being built, the wonderful events, and happenings that create a sense of community, and the work of all of the amazing people that are helping the Strip District continue to grow, improve, and continue to be such a dynamic and amazing place.

I printed, mated, and framed over 30 prints, many of them large prints. I didn't sell as many as I would have liked but with the encouragement of my incredible wife Zhanna I decided to open up an Etsy store to try to sell some of my work there. Of course you can still find most of my fine art and nature photography for sale on Zenfolio as well and can order it directly from me. I'm also working on some exhibitions where you'll be able to see my work in person around Pittsburgh. Stay tuned to the blog for more on that as the details get ironed out. If you're a gallery owner who would like to exhibit my work or want to contact me about a print you'd like to purchase please do so via my contact page.

Terminal Art Market

Strip District TerminalI am very excited to let you all know that I'm participating in the Terminal Art Market this Sunday, Sept 19th at the Terminal in the Strip District. Come see me and 19 other artists and artisans along with the great full time venders at the Terminal including one of my favorite plant & garden stores in Pittsburgh City Grows!

I'm very excited to be joining an amazing group of creators including Women of the Cloud Forest, Threadbare Cider, Anizia Karmazyn, Lilac Honey, and more.

Fine Art Prints

Green Heron by WDO PhotographyI'll be selling a selection of Fine Art Prints of my nature photography work. These are beautiful prints, many large matted and framed pictures that will look incredible in your home or place of business. Subjects range from birds and butterflies to flowers and mushrooms. Sizes range from intimate sized 5x7 inch prints to massive 16x24 inch prints in frames.

I've printed some of my favorite work for the Terminal Art Market and I know you will love it. Come see me and these prints in person from 9 am until 1 pm on Sunday Sept 19th. along with all of the other incredible artists and artisans who are also participating.

Strip District Terminal

If you've not made it to the Strip District Terminal since it's opened to the public this is the perfect opportunity to visit. There's nothing quite like the Strip District on a Sunday. It's more calm than the average bustling Saturday, brunch is a bit easier to get, and the more laid back, relaxing pace makes for a great shopping experience. I'm a huge fan of what they've done with the Terminal and with Smallman being much safer and easier to navigate it's really easy to pop back and forth between the Terminal and Penn Ave or to snake your way through the side-streets and hit the great shops at places like the Pennsylvania Building on 19th.

See You Sunday!

I can't wait to see you Sunday for the Terminal Art Market! If you've found out about the event from reading the blog please be sure to mention it. This is the first show that I've done since the pandemic began and I'm really happy to be showing off these prints in person to the public. There's nothing like seeing them in person to really get a feel for how they'll look in your home. Thanks for reading, I'll see you Sunday!