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You want an event photographer who will deliver. I want to be your Pittsburgh event photographer. To earn this I promise event photography coverage that captures everything you need from the tiniest details to the grandest of moments. Your events are a reflection of who you are, what you stand for, and how you want the world to see you. Hire an event photographer who understands you and will deliver photos that demonstrate exactly what you want the world to see, think, and feel about you, your brand, and your events.

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Pittsburgh Event Photographer

Conferences, conventions, and so much more!

You work so hard to create your event and you deserve an event photographer who works just as hard as you. I will capture all of the key moments and small interactions that show how successful your event was. Your guests will love their photos and you will love having pictures to market this and your next great affair. I can't wait to be your Pittsburgh event photographer.
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Call or text me at 412.206.9364 or use the form below to schedule or begin to discuss your event needs. You can count on me to personally handle all calls, texts, and messages from this form. I can't wait to talk with you about your business and event!

You deserve the best and I want to be your go-to Pittsburgh event photographer. If you want to know more about me check out the about page. If you'd like to know more about my event photography work read more below the form.

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Event Photographer Don Orkoskey

I'm event photographer Don Orkoskey and I'm here to ensure you receive the best photography in Pittsburgh. For more than 15 years I've worked at my craft and continue to push myself on your behalf. Without you and your attendees I wouldn't be the photographer I am. It's a privilege and a pleasure to work with you and I can't wait to do so again.

Knowing People

Capturing events as well as I do begins with knowing people. I understanding people and can connect with them. Additionally, I recognize how they're going to act, react, and present themselves. People want to be seen a certain way. Because of my experience I can see what they are going to do before they do it.

What drives people, the way we interact with each other, our social experiences; these all fascinate me. It's because of my fascination that I've become so good at predicting a photo opportunity before it happens. Knowing people helps me deliver incredible photos for you.

Photographing People

I've photographed presidents and professional speakers who understand where to look, when to pause, how to hold themselves, and what to do with their hands. That type of photography is easy.

Photographing people who are nervous and unsure of how to present themselves is my expertise. I can help you and your speakers to not only look great while they're presenting at your event. I will anticipate and capture all of the captivating moments. From presenters to attendees I deliver event photos that stand out from the crowd. Use the form above to contact me and ask about my work helping your attendees and presenters look their best.

I invite you to visit my social media profiles to see more examples of my event photography. Have a look at my personal Instagram, my business Instagram, and my Facebook page.

    Event Photography in Pittsburgh

    For over 15 years I've provided expert event photography throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. If you're hosting an event give me a call, text, or using the form above to discuss your needs.

    Every event is different. Understand your needs is vital to successfully providing the quality that you deserve. My process starts with discuss your brand, the look, feel, and approach you need so that your photographs clearly demonstrate the values and aesthetics that you need them to.

    Host Events in Pittsburgh

    If you're looking for a place to host events in Pittsburgh I'm happy to provide you with helpful information and local contacts. Additionally I can provide you references that will attest to my work as Pittsburgh's best professional event photographer. Nobody works harder, understands guests and talent, and can deliver the quality of photos that you'll get from my team and I at WDO Photography.

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    Downtown Pittsburgh

    Downtown Pittsburgh is an incredible place to host your event. From major conventions at the David L Lawrence Convention Center to one of our incredible hotels in downtown the central location and beautiful skyline of downtown Pittsburgh is perfect for your event. My friends at Visit Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Downtown CDC are great resources to help you find everything you need to make your event a great success.

    Visit Pittsburgh is a great resource for events throughout the city and within the Pittsburgh region so be sure to contact them if you're unsure of where to host your events in Pittsburgh.

    East Liberty & Oakland

    If you're looking to host an event beyond downtown try East Liberty or Oakland. These are two of my favorite neighborhoods. East Liberty is a rapidly changing neighborhood and my friends at East Liberty Development are a great resource. Oakland is the home to Pittsburgh's many universities and hospitals. It's a prime location. Talk with the great folks at OBID. Outside of these areas there are a lot of other groups that can help you find a location and vendors.

    Pittsburgh Event Expert

    I'm a Pittsburgh event expert. If your event is public let me help you list your event to increase turn out. If you're looking for local media to promote your event to please contact me as I maintain a list of local media contacts to share your press release with.

    Part of Your Team

    I am part of your team. When you hire me expect questions about what you need. I'll ask what the event is about, about your brand and other details that will help me understand what you need. All of my questions are to help me understand you and how to deliver exactly what you're after. Your event is my event and together we will develop a plan to successfully photograph your event in a way that perfectly reflects what you've created.

    Event Photography Goals

    What are your event photography goals? Knowing what you're looking to achieve will help me deliver for you. My goals are to capture your event in a way that shows how successful it was and that matches your brand needs. From your attendees, talent, staff, and whomever else you need or want photographed I'm committed to photographing them in a way that helps your event to look incredible.

    Pittsburgh Event Photographer Goals

    Knowing your goals helps me deliver for you personally but my goals as a Pittsburgh event photographer are to faithfully capture your event. That means my team and I show up early. We don't leave until we've spoken with you to ensure all the photos you need are done. While we're at the event we work diligently for you. When you hire my team and I we will ask for your schedule of events and ensure that we understand where we need to be to take the photos that you need. You can rely on us as our goals are to help you meet your event photography goals.

    Event Photography Process

    My event photography process starts with a conversation. Tell me what you and your event are all about.

    • What type of event is it?
    • Is anyone speaking?
    • Who are your VIPS?
    • What is the format?
    • Should we create a list of must-have images?

    The more informed I am the more the photos will meet or exceed your expectations. Beyond these tangible and practical items we'll discuss your brand. I want to know what the feel and look of your event will be. That way I can photograph it in a way that reflects exactly what you're looking to achieve.

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    Types of Event Photography

    The following is a partial list of some of the types of event photography that I regularly photograph. Some events require multiple photographers. I have a team of trusted photographers whom I work with regularly that can assist me in photographing your event.

    • Conferences
    • Corporate Events
      • Product Launches
      • Employee Appreciation or Awards
      • Vendor Appreciation or Awards
      • Client Events
      • Public Announcements
      • Location Groundbreakings
    • Nonprofit Events
      • Fundraisers
      • Public Meetings
      • Donor Appreciation or Awards
      • Appeals
      • Meet & Greet
    • Private Events
      • Family Reunions
      • Birthday Parties
      • Retirement Parties
      • Graduation Parties
      • Homecomings

    Pittsburgh Event Photography Articles

    Please enjoy these articles I've written about event photography that I believe will help you create an unbelievable event here in Pittsburgh. These articles cover everything from event venues to information on hiring event photographers. If you have any questions about these articles please visit my contact page.

    Read my photography terms and conditions.