A Great Inexpensive Waterproof Phone Case

Don Orkoskey | August 4, 2021

incredible inexpensive waterproof phone case

Incredible inexpensive Waterproof Phone Case

Before my wife and I set out to visit the beautiful city of Savannah GA for a late summer vacation I bought this two pack of incredible inexpensive waterproof phone cases for $10 on Amazon. I'm not being paid to write this but if you click on that link it will help me out a bit as I am an Amazon affiliate. These very inexpensive cases worked amazingly! Check out the video below of me playing in the Atlantic Ocean waves on Tybee Island.

No leaks, no worries

The most important thing is obviously that they don't leak which means no worries. They passed with flying colors which is great because so much of what we do these days is phone dependent. While I could have found my way back to the apartment we are renting it would have been really upsetting if I needed to get a new phone.


One other measure that I think is important if you're looking for a waterproof phone case is it's ability to function. While I did have some issues double-clicking my power button (how I typically turn on my camera app) the screen worked very well. In fact it worked a bit too well as the salt water in the ocean managed to close a the camera one time.


The downside to these bags was that holding the phone in a way that allowed me to shoot video or take photos in the water or even underwater meant that my finger was very close to the camera lens and several times ended up in the shot. Holding the bag is otherwise easy and despite some really sizable waves smacking right into the phone I managed to hold onto it. But they also provide some straps which I didn't bother using so I can't say how effective they are.


The final note I'll leave about these is that they managed to capture sound really well. If you're hoping to capture video on your phone you'll hear everything. I have a large waterproof case for my professional cameras that muffles the sound but since I don't shoot a lot of video underwater with them it's not that big of a deal.

More Great Information

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