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Thank you for visiting the WDO Photography Shop! Find photography classes, gifts, fine art photography, and WDO Photography gear. No matter what photography gear you're in the market for you'll find it here. Find local camera shops to buy great photography gear (the one thing you won't find here) with my guide to the best local camera shops near Pittsburgh.

The Gift of Photography

Because they deserve the best give them the gift of photography. Choose from a range of prices and select the occasion and send a personalized note on the date you've chosen.

Give them the complete package ...

Let me help you schedule, plan, and execute the perfect photography session with my extra-mile service.

Is this gift for your wife, your mom, or someone else that always goes that extra mile?

Show them you can go that extra mile too and trust me to help you turn a great gift into the best gift, one that will become legendary, one that will be hung on the wall in a prominent spot and cherished for generations.

The Gift of PhotographySurprise your loved ones with a photo session

My Photography Classes

Shop for the best photography classes in Pittsburgh. Sign up and improve your abilities as a photographer. Learn specialized photography skills in areas such as:

  • Nature photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Landscape photography
  • Macro photography
  • Astrophotography
  • Street Photography
  • Portraiture
  • Fashion Photography
  • Photography Editing in Photoshop or Lightroom

Current Photography Classes

Find a full list of my current photography classes here. If you don't see a class you're interested in please contact me. There are always new classes in the works. The dates or locations just may not be set yet. Want to know when a class you'd like to take will happen again? Please contact me or sign up for my mailing list. Registration for some group classes needs to be done through the location hosting the class. Because this is the case please check to make sure you're registered by contacting me.

Private photography classes are always available and they are customized for you. Learn exactly what you want to know at a time that fits your schedule.

Find Your Photos

Find your photos from a session or event at WDOphoto.Zenfolio.com. After events your photos are shared with the organizer. Therefore you'll need to check with them for the link or contact me if you're not sure who to reach out to. Some events restrict who can access the photos.

Were you the main point of contact? If you cannot find the link you were sent or the password to your protected gallery contact me. I'm happy to retrieve it for you. You can also check Zenfolio (my storage and printing service) under the events section. All event photos are uploaded to Zenfolio unless otherwise directed by the event organizers. You're welcome to check there first but if you can't find them please do contact me.

How Long Does Processing Take?

Event photos are processed as soon as possible. Ask for an accurate estimate at the time of booking. Most customers get their photos within a few days of the event. Because of the variable nature of events the exact time can differ greatly. I often return photos from two hour event the same day if the event is in the morning. Notify me at the time of booking how quickly you need the photos finished.

Are Your Photos Ready?

Were you my main point of contact? Have I not contacted you yet? That means your photos are not finished yet. If I've missed the turn around time please reach out. Otherwise please understand that I will have them done per our agreement. Has something changed? Do you need them sooner? Ask about the cost of accelerating the completion of your photographs.

If you don't need all of your photos but do need a small set of finished photos quickly let me know asap. Call or text me any time to request a few photos for the press, social media, or other immediate release. It's my pleasure to help you get the photos you need when you need them.

Types of Photography

What type of photography are you looking for? Do you need event photos, portraits, or weddings photos? Would you like to commissioned family portraits or couples portraits?

Are you interested in fine art or nature photography? See all my work in all of those areas here. Find specific packages or pricing information on each page. Select the type of photography you're looking for. Prices are listed under that page. If you don't see prices contact me for a quote or more information.