Digital Photography is for Everyone

Pittsburgh photography classes by photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography

Digital Photography Is For Everyone! Absolutely everyone can, should, and probably already does digital photography. There's no reason why your skills as a digital photographer can't improve if you want. That said, they don't have to improve if you don't want them to.

You're A Photographer

You and everyone else who has ever taken a photo is a photographer. There are no licenses, no degree requirements, nothing. If you've taken a photo ever then you're a photographer. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that they're not a "real photographer" I'd be rich. I understand that they mean they don't make money from photography. That said, that's not what makes someone a photographer. Taking photos is what makes you a photographer. If you do that then you're a photographer. Photography is for everyone and everyone is a photographer.

Your Photography Skills

It doesn't matter where you are in terms of your photography skills. You're still a photographer. If you're unhappy with your photography skills you can take a photography class. You can watch Youtube photography tutorials. There are free photography resources here on my website and all over the web. There are ways to improve your skills if that is what you want.

Your Ability & Mobility

I'm going to write an article on this in the future but your ability and mobility don't need to limit you. I've taught people with all sorts of mobility issues. Those lessons are what taught me that digital photography is really for everyone!

With today's tools we can control cameras from cell phones, with voice commands, and more. Blindness doesn't even need to be a limit to photography participation.

If you are an amputee, if you have muscular dystrophy, or anything else that requires accommodations I promise you that digital photography is still for you. Contact me and I'll help you succeed.

Age Is Only A Number

I had a great aunt who got her first iPhone when she was in her 90s. Within weeks she was sending photos to the entire family and keeping everyone updated via her new Facebook profile.

Nothing Can Stop You

Nothing can stop you from being a photographer but yourself. I'm not saying that learning new things is easy. You'll never hear me say that a disability is all in your head or that you don't need accommodations. Digital photography is for everyone who wants to take photos. If you want to take photos I promise you that I can help you do it.

Ask For Help

If you want to become a photographer or just improve your photography skills for any reason just ask for help. I'm always willing to help people learn. If you want to take a formal class or private lesson reach out. When you feel frustrated and just can't figure something out, contact me. If you want to know all the secrets to improving your photography skills sign up for my newsletter. I promise that you're a photographer. Rest assured that photography is for you, photography is for everyone!

January 8, 2021 | Don Orkoskey
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