You Really Need To Save Your Family Photographs

Preserved Family Photo I was interviewed for an article  in Consumer Reports by the amazing writer Melanie Pinola (twitter). We talked about  how you really need to save your family photographs. I also gave some information on how to do so and why you need to consider a lot of information when it comes to preserving your family's history and treasures.

The article was written as part of Black History Month. Melanie interviewed several very impressive African American Museum specialists and family historians. I was also interviewed as a photographer who has preserve some of my own family photos. I've also advised others on how to save their family photos. It was a great honor to be included with this very impressive group of experts that she interviewed.

How to Preserve Family Photos, Videos, and Memories for Future Generations

The article is titled How to Preserve Family Photos, Videos, and Memories for Future Generations. I highly recommend reading it. If you have any family mementos, photos, videos, movies, or anything that you want to preserve the article is full of great advice. I'm not only honored to have been included in this article but I can't stress enough how much I care about this subject. That is especially true when it comes to groups that are/have been disadvantaged and/or marginalized.

Here in Pittsburgh we have great resources such as the Heinz History Center. However much of what is saved and displayed belonged to wealthy families. Saving your own family's history is vital because those photos, videos, and memories are so much more real.

Elite and incredibly wealthy people are good at curating their image and legacy. The average working class person is more focused on the day to day. Beyond that, your story, your family's story matters. Your story is a much better indicator of how we live, how we love, who we are. It is a more honest indicator of us as people. The belongings of the wealthy elite are chosen to tell a specific story. Our mementos and heirlooms tell more honest stories. Even more importantly they are your memories, your family's photos, your family's home movies, and your family's memories. They matter to you and they will matter to those who are yet to be born. They'll tell your decedents something about who you were long after you are gone.

Preserve Your Family's Story

I want to see you preserve your family's story. If you want to know how to preserve your family's photos I'm happy to help you. I can help you find places to get photos scanned, to how to set up a digital archive, etc. I'm here to help you preserve your family's photos. If you want help with family photo preservation please reach out via my contact form.

If you missed the link to the article at the top of the page you can find it here:

How to Preserve Family Photos, Videos, and Memories for Future Generations

February 12, 2022 | Don Orkoskey
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