Nature Photography

I'm Pittsburgh nature photographer Don Orkoskey. My professional work largely centers around my event and portrait photography. However capturing the beauty of nature is a true and deep passion. Additionally I teach photography classes near Pittsburgh that typically focus on nature and documenting the wonders of our natural world.

The Power of Nature

Nothing can make you understand your place in the universe like the raw power of nature. From lightening strikes to massive water falls to unending forests - our world is incredible. Sadly not everyone can experience all of the natural wonders which is why nature photography is so important. Additionally, far too much of our wild world is under threat of destruction. We are living through a mass extinction event of our own making. It's important that we stop doing the damage we're doing.

Why I Photograph Nature

I photograph nature partly because it's calming, awe-inspiring, and beautiful. It's also important to document the wild places all around us which are under threat. Too, nature is incredibly resilient and adaptive. I love to photograph urban wildlife, especially species which have adapted well to our own peculiarities.

Photographing everything from wildlife to landscapes and macro subjects helps keep me sane. I also teach these techniques both in private photography classes and group photography classes near Pittsburgh. Sharing the art of photography and photographic storytelling is a big part of who I am. Learning to photograph nature helps to develop a more attentive and empathetic attitude to our world and the issues we're causing. Additionally the detail you learn to how to see from photography encourages conscious exploration of yourself.

Nature In Pittsburgh

It's important to me to call myself a Pittsburgh nature photographer. This is because Pittsburgh is surrounded with beautiful nature filled places to experience and be able to photograph nature. It's also because, no matter where you live, nature is all around you. Pittsburgh is my home but no matter where I lived I would find natural, wild spaces to explore and photograph.

Frick Park Nature Photography

I spend a great deal of time in Pittsburgh's Frick Park practicing my nature photography. I've seen an amazing assortment of wildlife in Frick Park, including the famous Frick Park Snake. Usually though I find a wide variety of birds and mammals as well as insects, spiders, and plants to photograph.

Photographing Nature Around Us

I can't stress enough how important I think it is to photograph all the nature surrounding us. From small urban parks to the expansive wilderness our world is fascinating and constantly changing. We can never see or capture the same scene the same way. Each day it's different.

Nature Photographs For Sale

My nature photos are for sale. You can order a print from Zenfolio or by contacting me. I sell fine art archival prints. These look amazing and are designed to last a lifetime. Additionally you can order them framed and matted at the same time.

A large framed print makes a statement. It also makes a great gift. If you're looking for a particular subject please let me know and I'll create a custom gallery for you to view my work on that subject so you can choose your favorite.

Learn Nature Photography

Learn nature photography with me! I love teaching. Sharing my knowledge of photography gives me so much joy. I love being out in the woods on cool crisp mornings. Looking for that perfect golden hour photo in solitude is incredible. Sharing what I know so others can find their own love of nature makes me feel even better.

Nature is a great for learning photography. The world doesn't criticize your work. You can take your time in nature. It doesn't care what type of equipment you have. That perfect photo of a far away song-bird in flight may be out-of-reach of your cell phone. However anyone with any camera can always find more to photograph in nature. Nature allows us to learn at our own pace. If you want to learn any type of photography visit my classes page for information and to sign up.

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To understand even more about my love of nature and photography visit my about page. If you're as passionate about nature as I am you'll understand why documenting the wonders of our world drives me.

License My Photos

You can license my photos for most any use and/or buy them for personal display. The above photos and more are available for licensing by contacting me through my contact page.

Why License Nature Photos

Nature photos help tell the story of your brand, provide compelling accompaniment. They are great background images in print or digital. Every photo here is available large enough for billboard or large wall displays. These photos will help calms and refresh people. They'll help remind them of our connection to the natural world. People relax when looking at a landscape or nature scene. Nature photography makes people happy.

Win Clients With Nature Photography

Did you know that you can win clients with nature photography? It's true. Nature has a calming effect. Relaxing people makes them more willing to trust and listen to you.

Your office will not only look amazing with prints of my photos but will help you connect with clients. An entire wall of one of my landscapes, flowers, or large animal photos will impress your clients and help relax them so they hear what you're telling them. Not sold? I can create a composite to show you how any of my work will look in your office.

Visit my complete nature collection to browse and select photos for purchase.

Contact Me

Call or text me at 412.206.9364 or use the form below to contact me. Ask how to licensing photos of particular animals, plants, or landscapes or about classes. I have numerous cityscapes of Pittsburgh and can produce new landscape or location based photos of your physical locations. These are great for companies that want to include those in annual reports, to display prints in offices or to use them online in mapping, consumer way-finding, and customer review applications such as Google Maps and Yelp.

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