5 Reasons Why Great Headshot Photographers Come To You

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Getting your headshot taken doesn't need to be a hassle, here are 5 reasons why great headshot photographers come to you now. When you're ready for your headshot contact me to find out about my mobile headshot services.

  1. Your busy schedule makes getting to a studio harder than ever
  2. Feeling confident is vital to getting a great headshot
  3. Studio equipment is more portable than ever
  4. Commercial rents are expensive, mobile headshots save you money
  5.  A mix of environmental and studio looks provide you with more options

Your busy schedule makes getting to a studio harder than ever

Time seems to going faster and faster these days and your busy schedule makes visiting a photo studio difficult. You're working long hours. Work and off-work time are blending together. You're already stressed. Now you're expected to set aside time to get to a photo studio. Where do you find that time?

First you need to schedule a session. Then you need to making room for it in your schedule. Finally you've got to pack up everything you need, drive to the studio, and find parking. If it's a windy day and your hair is hard to manage forget about. You're going to feel frazzled.

Visiting a photography studio in the winter means your coat and hat can mess up your look. Too, the summer means sweating and humid weather. Why bother with all of that when a great photographer can visit you at home or the office? Feel more comfortable and let your headshot photographer come to you.

Feeling confident is vital to getting a great headshot

To look great for your photo you've got to feel great before your photo. All that mess of getting to the studio will make you feel anything but great. This is why booking a professional headshot session at your home or place of work makes so much more sense.

Have your headshot done where you already feel comfortable. You already know where everything is. There's no need to worry that you forgot your hair brush. You don't need to rush and fuss when you book a great photographer to provide you with amazing headshots at your home or office.

Studio equipment is more portable than ever

Today's great photographers use studio equipment that is portable so we can easily come to you. Powerful battery powered lights and light-weight backdrops mean photographers are more mobile than ever. I personally use an array of lights from Godox. These professional lights and accessories allow me to photography incredible headshots anywhere including right in your living room. I don't need to haul a ton of stuff around any longer.

Commercial rents are expensive, mobile headshots save you money

The cost of renting a studio today is high. Mobile photographers like myself save overhead which results in you saving money on your headshot. Commercial spaces cost quite a lot of money. If a photographer isn't constantly booking clients the cost of that space is averaged out at a higher rate for the clients they do see. You don't want to pay someone else's rent for a space you get to access one time for less than an hour do you?

When a mobile photographer comes to you for headshots you're paying only for their time and expertise. There's no hidden costs. You get convenience, time savings, and cost savings too!

A mix of environmental and studio looks provide you with more options

Everyone needs headshots today and having a mix of studio looks and environmental portraits gives you more options. Between social media, business websites, and all the other places your headshot will be it makes sense to have different photos to choose from. For some places a more casual portrait makes more sense. Additionally you might not want a stuffy looking business portrait for websites like Facebook.

Having a portrait showing you in your garden or with the city or other spaces behind you tells a story. That's why environmental portraits make sense. With a mobile photographer like myself you can easily do a few studio portraits and environmental portraits at the same session. This means you save more time and more money.

Ready To Book Your Mobile Headshot Session?

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December 16, 2022 | Don Orkoskey
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