Photography Client Advice

You want to feel more confident at your portrait photography session. Maybe you're worried you'll forget how to smile or accidentally burn your hair with your curling or straightening iron. Have no fear, (well, maybe fear the iron, that's legit scary), the advice below will help you feel and look your absolute best for your photo session.

General Photography Client Advice

Here is some general advice that applies no matter what type of photography session you're getting prepared for. For more specialized advice see the sections below.

Overcome your photo session anxiety. I suffer from anxiety so I understand how debilitating it can be. This article will help you to overcome that anxiety. After reading this you'll understand how to feel more confident and relaxed.

Take Better Selfies. Not really advice for a photo session but it's helpful to test out expressions and these selfie tips will help you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

Headshot Portrait Advice

The following is great advice to prepare you for your headshot portrait or other individual photo session. I'm currently working on several articles for this section. I can't wait to share them with you but please sit tight because they'll be rolling out throughout 2023. Thanks for your patience!

Family Photography Advice

The following is great advice to prepare for your family photography session.

My Family Portrait Process. Read about my family portrait process to get a better understanding of everything I do to help you and your family look and feel their very best.

7 Tips For Healthier Family Photos. Learn how to make family picture day better with these 7 tips. Your family photos shouldn't be a traumatic experience. Follow this advice and they won't be.

Wedding Photography Advice

The following are articles full of advice for wedding photography clients.

Backyard Wedding Guide. While not strictly about photography this guest post offers great advice for couples looking to have a great wedding right in your own backyard.

My Wedding Photography Process. Read about my wedding photography process to get a better understanding of how I photograph weddings and what to expect on your wedding day.