Pittsburgh Family Photographer

I'm Pittsburgh family photographer Don Orkoskey. Allow me to provide you with an incredible family photo sessions. Together we will capture your beautiful family naturally and with as little stress as possible. Family is the most precious gift we're blessed with. You deserve family photos that reflect your what makes your family special and you deserve a relaxed and stress free session. Let me and my team tell your family's unique story authentically.

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Let's capture these precious days before they fade. Contact me today using the form below. I travel throughout the Pittsburgh area for family portraits in your home or on-location. Anywhere within 30 miles of Pittsburgh in included with my package prices (listed below). If you live beyond that distance I'm more than happy to travel outside of that range for a small travel fee. I can't wait to be your Pittsburgh family photographer.

Kids grow up so fast. As your family photographer I will capture the milestones and help you preserve them forever. From newborn photos through every step of your family's life let's document these meaningful moments, all of your celebrations, and every important event. Together we will tell the story of your family's journey faithfully and preserve these times now and forever. 

Read my article about the importance of preserving family photos and other memories.

Ultimate Package

Save over $500

1 - 16x24 Canvas Wrap Print
2 - 11x14 Canvas Wrap Prints
2 - 11x14 | 10 - 8x10
10 - 5x7 | 15 - 4x6
24 Wallets
Digital copies of all images included!


Cost without package discount: $3,568
Total Savings: $569

Platinum Package

Save over $300

1 - 16x20
1 - 11x14
6 - 8x10
 8 - 5x7 | 12 - 4x6
24 Wallets
Digital Copy of 3 images included, buy all digital images for only $300


Cost without package discount: $2,080
Total Savings: $381


Save over $100

4 - 11x14 
6 - 8x10
8 - 5x7
8 - 4x6
24 Wallets
Digital copies available for $100 per photograph or $500 for all images


Cost without package discount: $1,308
Total Savings: $109

Book Your Family Photos

When it comes to your family you deserve a professional family photographer to tell your one-of-a-kind story. Use the form below to contact me about your family photography session. I can't wait to hear from you and talk about your family, what types of photos you need, and how we can work together to capture and preserve these special times in your family's lives! Thank you so much!

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Read my guide on how to prepare for your family photo session.

Family Photographers Near Pittsburgh

You've come to the right place to find a family photographer near Pittsburgh. Let me travel to you with my mobile studio or we can create your family photos in any of a number of the Pittsburgh area's incredible parks. I offer photography sessions in North Park, South Park, Settlers Cabin, Boyce Park, Schenley Park, Frick Park, Mellon Park, Point State Park, or Emerald View Park on Mt. Washington.

Family Photography Studio Portraits

If you'd prefer the look of family photography studio portraits I will bring my studio directly to your home. There is no additional charge for photography studio service anywhere in the Pittsburgh region from Greensburg to Cranberry or Sewickley to Upper St. Clair. I'm proud to provide studio family photography anywhere within a 30 mile drive from Pittsburgh at no additional fee. So if you're in Washington PA, Westmoreland, Beaver, or Butler, County, or anywhere in Allegheny County what you see above is what you'll pay for your family photos anywhere within a 60 mile drive of downtown Pittsburgh.

The Perfect Pittsburgh Family Photo Session Anywhere

My team and I can take the perfect Pittsburgh family photo session anywhere you'd like. I'm a life-long Pittsburgher so tell me where your special someplace is and chances are I've taken photos there. I've done family portraits at the Pittsburgh Zoo, Phipps, the National Aviary, and at too many small neighborhood parks all around Pittsburgh to name them all. Together we will tell your family's unique story and create family photos that will be handed down as family heirlooms.

Prepare To Experience The Best Family Photo Session

It's no secret that family photo sessions can be hectic but I've written a guide to help you prepare. This guide will help you to experience a much less stressful family photography session. Read my guide to preparing for your family photo session. My goal is to deliver great photos and having you and your family as relaxed for your photo session is critical to doing so. It's one thing to have some nerves but to be frazzled because of the whole experience is not healthy or helpful for you or me.

The Secret To Incredible Family Photos

We all want incredible family photos, learn the secrets to the best family photo session ever. This article is packed with tips on how to find a great family photographer and what to do once you have. Additionally, you'll find my checklist for finding a great family photographer. While I would love to take your family's photos it's more important to me that you find the right family photographer for your family.

Read all about how to prepare for your family photo session.

Dedicated To You

I focus on you and your family's photography needs. Because each family is different I want to understand exactly how to photograph your family. Your family photos should tell the story of your family at this moment in time. Because those moments are so fleeting you have my promise that our time together is dedicated to you.

Many family photographers offer mini-sessions. I've tried offering them myself but found them to be too impersonal. Which is why I dedicate my time with you to you. There's no rush, my fee isn't "by the hour" or even worse, only 15 minutes long. Because family photos are hectic enough I refuse to make that worse by rushing you and your family. If we need a break for snack time or you've sweat through your shirt then we take that time.

Read how I help make family photo experiences positive.

Family Photos for Your Family

Your family in unique and special. That means you deserve family photos for your family. The photos we create together will reflect all the wonderful things about you. I fully believe that love is love. The definition of family is up to you. I believe in inclusivity and will happily include whomever you wish into your family portraits without question. You deserve a photographer who not only understands today's diverse families but celebrates and honors your bonds.

Photos All Families, Regardless of Need

Each family is unique and so are our needs. Today we're recognizing the developmental needs of children and adults. We're respecting and caring for each other's emotional needs more than ever before. If you or your family needs any special accommodations I am happy to help ensure you get them. No matter what your needs are I promise that I can respectfully help you to get family photos that you'll cherish forever.

A Commitment To Emotional Wellbeing

Because I care about kids I refuse to force anyone to have their picture taken. If that means we need to reschedule we'll do so. However, as an educator who has worked with kids I'm good at helping them (and adults) relax for their photos. A big part of that is taking our time. There is no rush. Are you running late? Call or text me, it's okay. Did someone stain something? Not a problem. Did we miss a nap and need to reschedule? All of these things and more are understandable. We're human. I'm here for you. I care about you as a person first and a client second.

Photographing Families & People With Disabilities

For more than two decades I've photographed and worked with people with disabilities. I teach photography classes to people with intellectual and physical disabilities. I understand that no matter who we are, or what challenges we face, we all want the same things. Additionally, we deserve the same things. We want and deserve respect, dignity, and to a level of agency over our lives.

If anyone in your family has a disability of any kind I promise to make every needed accommodation. It's often frustrating dealing with service providers but I promise to treat every member of your family with the respect and dignity they deserve. Too, it's very important to me that everyone I photograph is given the agency they deserve to make decisions about being photographed. This includes children and adults regardless of any intellectual disabilities.

Low Stress Family Photos

Because parental stress is felt by our kiddos everyone deserves a relaxed family photo session. Having family photos done should be a fun experience, not a traumatic one. That starts with parents who feel relaxed and good about their photo session. Because feeling your best is critical to looking your best. I'm committed to helping you feel your best. That means you should feel as relaxed and confident as possible. Contact me today and let's talk more about how I make that happen.

Learn More

You can listen to me talk more about working with families who have neurodivergent members on the Mother's of Misfits podcast. As someone with ADHD who regularly works with kids with developmental or other disabilities I understand the care and patience that is required to make your family photos a success.

Read my photography terms and conditions.