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You're looking for a professional portrait photographer in Pittsburgh for headshots or branding portraits. Trust me, Pittsburgh portrait photographer Don Orkoskey to deliver photos that confidently tell the world who you are and what you're about.

For more than 20 years I've provided headshots, branding portraits, and more to professionals here in Pittsburgh. Your portrait has a significant impact on what people think about you and your brand. It lets them connect with you and builds trust before you ever say a word to them.

Individual Headshot Sessions

Only $299
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Professional Headshots

Portraits On Demand At Your Home Or Office

Don't waste your time driving to a photo studio. You deserve the convenience of your portrait photographer coming to you. My mobile portrait business brings you incredible professional headshot portraits where you feel most comfortable. Have your portraits taken in your home or your office.

Corporate Headshot Sessions

Professional Portraits In The Office By The Hour

Your employee's time is valuable. Avoid disruption by having your employees' corporate headshots professionally done in the office. Clients want to see who they're working with. Make sure your customers see your best by having professional portraits done of your entire customer involved team.

Corporate Headshot Sessions

Only $799

per hour

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No matter where you are in the Greater Pittsburgh area, please use the form below to book me for headshots and all other professional portraits. I can't wait to talk to you about your work, your personality, and what types of photos we're going to create together! Thank you so much!

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Pittsburgh Headshot Portraits

Have the most amazing headshot portraits in Pittsburgh done at your home or office. Today you need a professional headshot photo regardless of what industry you're in. It's important to look your best in that portrait. To look your best you need to feel confident which is why I exclusively offer portraits in your home or office. Don't worry about traveling to a studio. Have your headshot taken where you feel the most comfortable.

Read more about the reasons you need a professional headshot.  

Your Photographer Should Come To You

Call or email me today and find out why having me come to you is a better option. Don't worry about scheduling, taking time out of your day, finding and paying for parking, and all the other hassles of a studio headshot session. Let me come to you. You already have all of your hair and beauty products at your home. Relax and let me bring my mobile studio to you. Feel comfortable and confident in a place you're already familiar with. Having me bring my mobile portrait studio to you means less stress, and more joy.

Read 5 Reasons why great headshot photographers coming to you today.

Professional Headshot Portrait Information

Headshot Photos For Individuals

Headshot portrait sessions for individuals are available 7 days a week. If you need a quick turn around ask about same day scheduling. Individual sessions are done at your home, office, on location, or elsewhere convenient to you. If you'd prefer a studio please indicate that so I can reserve time at a studio close to you. There are no travel fees added for portrait sessions done within 30 miles of downtown Pittsburgh.

See your portraits during your session. Digital delivery is available the same day if needed for a small fee. If no rush is needed you can expect your photos within three days for digital delivery. Print delivery time varies based on the number of prints ordered.

Headshot portrait sessions are now as low as $299.

Headshot Session Includes:

  1. On location at your home or place of work.
  2. Three portraits for non-commercial use (self-promotional use permitted).
  3. Have your photos taken in as little as 20 minute.
  4. Variety of poses and lengths available.
  5. Option to license for commercial or unlimited use.
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Professional Businesses Portraits

For businesses or organizations headshots sessions for groups of employees can be scheduled within as little as 2 days. Next day rush scheduling may be available for an additional fee. Sessions are done in your office or place of work to minimize disruption to your work-day. Sessions may be scheduled at your employees homes if they work from home.

Processing time for group sessions is dependent upon the number of individuals photographed. Rush processing is available if needed for a small fee. There are no travel fees for sessions done within 30 miles of downtown Pittsburgh.

Business Headshot Sessions start at only $799/hr.

Business Headshot Sessions Include:

  1. In office and even in home sessions available.
  2. Photographs of up to 6 people per hour available.
  3. Standard background and poses for all employees and matching of existing headshots are possible.
  4. Multiple licenses available including mix and match.
  5. Same day delivery available depending on numbers and finishing time.
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Professional Branding Portrait Information

Branding Portrait Sessions

Branding portrait sessions match your look, expression, and environment to your brand identity. Before I take your branding portraits we'll spend time discussing your brand, how you want the photos to look, and who else we need to have involved.

Branding portrait sessions might include a stylist, hair and make up artists, or other folks to help ensure that your portraits fit your brand perfectly. If you're working with a marketing agency or have an internal marketing department we can meet with them prior to doing your branding photos.

With this being the case scheduling sessions shouldn't be rushed. However if you are launching a new venture or need a fast turn around please let me know and we can work quickly to get your branding portraits done as quickly as possible.

Due to the nature of these portrait sessions and the possibility of additional personnel the cost of a branding portrait session can vary. I provide full transparency in billing. As a result all cost will be estimated and can be discussed before any charges are accrued.

Branding Portrait Sessions Include

  1. Pre-session consultation with you which can include members of your marketing team or other advisors.
  2. Incorporation of your marketing and brand standards including your brand colors.
  3. A set of 5 one-of-a-kind photos that match your company's message.
  4. Multiple licenses available.
  5. Discounts for multiple individuals photographed at the same session.

Ask about Advanced Brand Consultation (ABC). ABC is my assistance in helping you to establish your brand identity if you've not yet established one. 

For more than 20 years helping small businesses and startups. In that time I've learned a great deal about marketing and visual branding. Allow me to assist you in helping you to establish your winning brand identity.

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Building Branding Portraits

When it comes to building branding portraits we start with your existing brand identity. Building your portraits to match what you're already telling the world. If you don't have an existing brand identity I can recommend some marketing experts, links to brand building articles, or can work with you to begin to identity your personal brand.

Brand Portrait Uses

From social media profile pictures to professional advertising your branding portrait shows the world who you are. Here are five other places you will use your brand portrait:

  1. Your website
  2. Guest appearances on blogs and podcasts
  3. Programs for conferences or conventions
  4. On your business card
  5. In press releases

Headshots Vs. Branding Portraits

Are you unsure of the difference between headshots and branding portraits?

Headshot - a portrait of your head and shoulders, typically used for self promotion. Headshots usually are created with a solid or non-distracting background and studio lighting. These are close up photos which feature your face. They provide a flattering look that helps people understand a little bit of who you are.

Branding portraits - are portraits featuring you which help to promote your brand. They do so through posing, lighting, and other styling that gives viewers clues as to what you and your brand stand for and represent. Branding portraits are often done in an editorial style meaning they show more of your environment in the photo.

Headshots and branding portraits are not the same thing. Your headshot helps people identify who you are. Some clues about you can be drawn from your headshot but they don't tell your entire story. Branding portraits tell your story. These portraits show viewers your brand identity. The emotions you want people to feel are translated in your branding portrait. What you stand for is clear. This what separates branded portraits from headshots.

Your Personal Brand

If you've not defined your personal brand there are a few questions you can begin with.

Who are you? What do you believe in? What do you stand for? How do you want the world to see you?

These are your branding portrait questions. Answer these and you're on your way to building your brand. When you understand what you want to say I can help you say it through your portrait. This is important because you don't want portraits that contradict your brand's identity. Your personal brand is often an extension of your personality but choosing which parts are important and making sure we highlight those parts in your portrait will drive that message home to your clients.

Brand Portraits and Brand Identity

Your brand portraits and brand identity need to match. If they don't you're going to confuse your customers and potential customers. If your brand is serious you need serious portraits. You wouldn't want portraits that say, fun, adventurous, and never serious if you're a financial planner or own a funeral home. Likewise you would want them to say that if you lead tour groups, or deliver fun and light experiences. Creating your brand's identity isn't as challenging as you might be thinking it is.

As for your brand portraits we need to match the feelings and emotions your brand should invoke so your clients feel they can trust you to deliver on the promises your brand is making to them.

Are you ready to show the world who you are with portraits or headshots that match your brand identity?

Pittsburgh Headshot Portraits

If you're looking for headshot portraits near Pittsburgh you've come to the right place. If you're in Pittsburgh or near Pittsburgh and need headshots portraits contact me today or read about my portrait photography process on my blog.

Stress Free Portraits

You're entitled to a stress free portrait session. Therefore you don't need to dread having your picture taken. Over 20 years I've developed a process to ensure stress free portrait photography sessions. Because I'm committed to listening to you the portrait process will be calm and comfortable. Together we'll create portraits you'll absolutely love.

Your Comfort Is Key

Your comfort is key to you feeling confident and enjoying your portrait session. This is why I start each session with a conversation. First we'll talk about what you love about yourself. Then we'll talk about anything you don't feel great about. As a result, my lighting choices will emphasize the parts of you that you love and minimize those you don't want drawing attention.

As part of my stress-free portrait process we'll take whatever time you need. In addition I walk you through the process step-by-step. You have my guarantee that your session will be relaxing and fun. Throughout the process you'll have a chance to see your photos and to know that we created pictures you're going to love showing everyone. If you don't love them we'll keep working until you do.

Portraits On Demand

Get fully mobile portrait with my on demand experience. Have your photos done in home, at your office, or wherever you feel the most comfortable. A portrait session in home is great because you already feel comfortable there. Since you have access to your own clothes and other personal supplies your home is the perfect location for portraits. Additionally you can control who is present when you have your portrait taken. Nobody likes feeling judged which commonly happens when there are a lot of people around. Avoid that discomfort with in home portraits.

See examples of my other services and contact me. For couples or family portraits be sure to check out those pages. I can't wait to work with you. You deserve to have a positive portrait experience. I'm committed to making that happen. Contact me today to find out more.

Don't Forget the Hair and Makeup

Make sure you don't forget the hair and makeup. If you have trusted stylists that know how you want to look then by all means visit them before your session.

If you're looking for professional assistance from an expert with experience styling hair and/or make up for portraits and other on-camera work be sure to check out Production Hub. You'll find a lot of local hair stylists and make up artists that you can trust to make you look your best.

Production Hub is a global directory of people who work on films and other media. The local hair and make up artists listed on there include award winning stylists who understand how to make you look incredible on camera.

Water: The Key To Great Portraits

While hair and makeup matter - water is the key to great portraits. If you're dehydrated it shows to a surprising degree. This is why I highly encourage you to get a lot of rest and drink the proper amount of water for at least a week before your session.

Proper hydration will make you look better than anything else - I promise! But you can't just drink a bunch the day of or the day before. You need at least a week of proper hydration for your skin, eyes, and hair to show it. If you want to look your best for your headshot or branding portrait water is the key.

Pittsburgh Portrait Photography Resources

Here are some resources for those looking for portrait photography near Pittsburgh. These resources include locations ideas, tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best, and so much more! Contact me with any questions you have about these resources or about scheduling a portrait photography session near Pittsburgh.

Professional Portraits in Pittsburgh

I travel to you to do your professional portraits in Pittsburgh or anywhere within 30 miles of downtown Pittsburgh for no additional fee. If you'd prefer to come to me I have several studios that I can arrange time in throughout the city. If you're outside of the 30 mile radius from downtown Pittsburgh you can still book your professional headshots and branding portraits for a small travel fee. Please let me know your location and I'll give you the fee upfront before you book. I'm willing to travel from Columbus and Cleveland Ohio throughout western PA, northern WV and into central PA as far as State College, Altoona, and Johnstown. If you need a professional headshot anywhere in the Pittsburgh area call, text or email me.

Read my photography terms and conditions.