In Studio Family Portraits Are Making A Big Comeback, Here’s Why

In Studio Family Portraits In studio family portraits are making a big comeback, here's why. First, we're not talking about those K-Mart Portrait Studio specials. This new trend is all about putting your family first and leaving all of the distractions behind. When you want grand, elegant, breathtaking portraits there is no better option than going into the studio. Second, with everyone having cameras and Instagram accounts in their pocket outdoor portraits have lost their luster just a little.

In Studio Family Portraits Big Comeback

In studio family portraits are making a big comeback. The reasons for this is are simple. Many families want photos that are more focused on them and less on their location. While there will always be a place for these on-location photos there are many reasons more families are choosing studio portraits instead.

Why Studio Portraits Are Making A Return

Family photos done in a photo studio are surging for a number of reasons. First, these photos look great. They put the focus on people, your family, and not on the location. Second, they can be done rain or shine, hot or cold weather. Third, many family photographers like myself can come to you. I have a mobile family photo studio I can set up in your home.

Finally, the access to photography we all have these days makes on-location photos easier to create without a pro photographer. As a result we're all saturated with photos taken in beautiful locations. Instagram and other photo sharing apps have turned more and more people into photographers. Plus, the advancement of our phone cameras has made it easier to create great photos.

In Studio Family Portraits Vs. On Location

In studio family portraits are not going to replace on location photos but they are finding their place again. When you visit a photo studio or have a mobile photo studio come to your home, you have less to worry about. Outside in a park or other natural area you've got to worry about bugs, weather, wind, temperatures, and mud. We all know if there is mud anywhere your child is likely to find it.

Studio Family Portraits Are Easier For You

Let's face it, if you're reading this you're most likely an overworked and underappreciated mom. It's okay to not add more difficulty to your plate. Forget worrying if it will be too hot or too cold. Don't worry that your kiddos will be distracted by all the activity in the park. Have your family photos done in a temperature controlled studio where you can sit down, be pampered, and yes - relax.

You Deserve A Break

You work so hard and you want your family photos to look amazing. That's really not too much to ask for. Your family photos don't need to be a chore. You deserve to be pampered and to come away with the whole family looking fabulous. This is what having your family portraits done in studio gives you.

Today's In Studio Family Portraits

Today's in studio family portraits don't look like the portraits you may remember from growing up in the 80s or 90s. Because today's studio photographers know that you have so many choices they set themselves apart by the beautiful light, understated and elegant backgrounds, and outfits they help you choose.

You won't find any backdrops with fake bookshelves or fall scenes. Of course, if you want to get wild and go full retro you can ask for lasers. However, what you will find is a sense of refinement and a calm, enjoyable family photography session.

Pittsburgh Studio Photographers

Pittsburgh is home to some incredible studio photographers. I would love to be your family photographer. You can see my family photography work here. I offer a fully mobile family photography studio experience where I come to your home. My mobile family photo studio will accomidate families of any size so long as your home has a space which has at least 4' of space (2' per side) beyond the space we need to place everyone comfortably. I'm more than happy to come in advance to help determine if there is space.

The Best Family Portrait Studios In Pittsburgh

You deserve the best family portrait studio for you and your family. Pittsburgh is full of photographers so it can be hard to find the right one. The photography network in Pittsburgh is also a very supportive one. With that said, here are the best Pittsburgh family studio photographers in Pittsburgh.

Heather Tabacchi

I can't say enough about Heather Tabacchi's incredible work. Not only are her family photos incredible but all of her work is truly amazing. You must check her out. If you want to have a truly fun and luxurious experience then go see Heather.

Kristin Merck

Another incredible studio family photographer in Pittsburgh is Kristin Merck. Kristin's work is phenomenal. Her style is wonderful and like Heather I hear loads of praise for her work.

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