The Greatest Thing About Being A Photographer In Pittsburgh

The greatest thing about being a Pittsburgh photographer The greatest thing about being a photographer in Pittsburgh is the incredible clients I get to work with and the amazing places I get to take photos. I swear I'm not pandering. I mean, I know that Pittsburghers don't always like being complimented. That said, this town is full of truly wonderful people. I really love being a Pittsburgh photographer and you, my clients, are the biggest reason.

Pittsburgh Photographer

The greatest benefit to being a Pittsburgh photographer is you. The amazing people I meet and photograph right here in Pittsburgh make this career so rewarding. I've traveled a bit and worked in other cities and I have to say that Pittsburghers are the best.

I've been given blankets, cookies, cakes, an entire meal at the Udipi Cafe when I did photos of them years ago. I have clients who hired me once years ago for a wedding or special event who still send me cards during the holidays. Truly I feel blessed to call myself a Pittsburgh Photographer.

During the pandemic I began to teach a lot more virtual photography classes. Since things have opened up again I've taught more in person classes. Teaching photography classes near Pittsburgh has given me the opportunity to meet even more great people.

The Best Photography Locations In Pittsburgh

Next to you amazing people, the greatest benefit to being a Pittsburgh photographer is the incredible photography locations in Pittsburgh. From Mt. Washington and Point State Park to the Strip District and beyond this town is full of beautiful locations. You don't have to be a professional photographer in Pittsburgh to create wonderful photos of this town.

The Pittsburgh Photography Community

One last thing that makes Pittsburgh great is the Pittsburgh photography community. I've been lucky to have gotten to know so many photographers in Pittsburgh over the years. This year I finally got a chance to give something back by serving on the board of the Pittsburgh chapter of ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers. ASMP Pittsburgh is working to improve the photography industry in and around Pittsburgh. We're doing some really great work such as training assistants, promoting women and minority photographers, and providing meet ups both on and offline.

I truly do consider myself lucky to be part of the Pittsburgh photographer's community. In the last few weeks I've had three photographers refer clients to me. These were event photography jobs and none of the photographers who referred them to me do event photography. I also had the pleasure to refer two jobs out to other photographers.

I can't tell you how great it is to have this kind of support and comradery. That feeling that Pittsburgh is big enough for all of us is so special. Knowing others feel that we're stronger when we work together is magical. To that end if you're looking for recommendations for photographers near Pittsburgh I'm always happy to make one. Chances are great that if you need a real estate photographer, a food photographer, or any other photographer near Pittsburgh I know someone good, trustworthy, and available.  Contact me today to hire me or to get a recommendation for another great Pittsburgh photographer.

July 14, 2021 | Don Orkoskey
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