Great Event Planners Are Key To Successful Events

Don Orkoskey | March 26, 2023

Great Event Planners Are Key To Successful Events

Great event planners are key to successful events and we all want our events to be successful. Thankfully there are a lot of great event planners in Pittsburgh. I've worked with so many of them over the years and learned a great deal about what separates the best from the rest.

Choosing A Great Event Planner

When it comes to choosing a great event planner there are a few key strategies that can help you find the right planner for your event. A great event planner will likely be very in demand but you'll never feel like they're rushing you. They are easy to approach and to talk to. Great event planners are people you want to be around. First-rate event planners are organized, detail oriented, and have a plan for everything. They are also highly creative and able to solve problems quickly as soon as they pop up.

Personable Event Planners

When hiring an event planner you want to look for someone who is highly personable. Your first few interactions should tell you a lot about how you'll work together. As event planner Kartraice Hooper says, rapport is crucial for creating successful events.

You should get a sense that they're someone you really want to spend more time with. No matter how busy their schedule is, you will always feel like the center of attention. They will quickly answer your calls, texts, and emails. You should feel like the priority.

Just be careful, they should be charming but not too much so. Remember, they shouldn't be the center of attention, they should be putting you there. If you find someone who is very charismatic and makes everything about themselves, watch out, you might be dealing with a narcissist. You certainly don't want a narcissist as your event planner.

Highly Organized People

The best event planners, those who will help make your event a success, will always be highly organized. This is not to say that their office will be clutter free. Like many creative people event planners may have a lot going on in their work spaces, it's more about ensuring they have a system.

In fact, the best event planners are able to keep a tight attention to details while being able to quickly create or find a solution. With that being the case don't look for meticulous, almost obsessive order. People who are that orderly often struggle with creative thinking when under pressure. Remember, you want someone who is highly detailed but also can solve issues.

Event Planners Have A Plan

At the end of the day, event planners have a plan for everything. This is one of those bare minimums but it's worth mentioning because, as I said above, sometimes you run into a super charming person and hire them without ensuring they understand the assignment.

Your choice of event planner should include someone who will guide you through the process. You should never feel like you're leading them or asking too many questions.

From your first meeting your best event planners will guide you through the entire process with them and with your event without it feeling like you're being led and certainly without it feeling like you're leading them.

Hire Great Event Planners For Successful Events

I hope the above will help you hire great event planners for your event and that it is wildly successful. Here in Pittsburgh, (and around the globe), you can find great event planners through organizations such as the Meeting Planners International Pittsburgh Chapter or the International Live Events Association which doesn't have a local chapter but does allow you to search for event planners by location. Additionally, Visit Pittsburgh has an entire website devoted to meetings and events called Meet Pittsburgh.

I would love to share a list of the best planners I've worked with however, I can't. Doing so doesn't feel right to me. Besides, the list would be huge and honestly you should find someone that not only meets the above but who has experience in the types of events you're planning. Good luck, I hope you find a great event planner and have a wonderfully successful event!

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