Discover the remarkable world of macro photography

Don Orkoskey | December 14, 2022

Macro photo of a mushroom framed all around with grass

Discover the remarkable world of macro photography! Grow your skills in photography and abilities in this 4-week series of in-person photography classes. Join me, professional photographer and teacher Don Orkoskey as I peel back the layers of this fascinating subject. Learn to find, focus, and expose photos of the tiniest details while exploring the tools you can use to make the minute look massive.

Participants will also learn to master the means of post-production tricks that professionals use to add depth, clarity and impact to their photos. This series is open to beginners and curious photographers of any skill level, all you need is an interest in macro photography!

The Remarkable World of Macro Photography Class Details

The Remarkable World of Macro Photography Class will start on Thursday Jan. 12th and run every Thursday for 4 weeks. Classes are held at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden from Noon until 3 PM and will feature classroom and practical time. This class is open to all students from beginner to advanced.

Where: The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, 799 Pinkerton Run Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15071
: Thur. Jan 12th - Feb 2nd 2023 12 PM to 3 PM
Cost: $150 for members of the PBG | $200 for non-members (membership starts at $40, join the PBG and save $10). 
Supplies Needed: A camera or phone with a macro lens or other means of creating macro photos. See my post macro photography without a macro lens for more information. Additionally, students will need pens/pencils, and notepad or other place to write down notes.

Register Nowon the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Website

What Is Macro Photography

Macro photography is an amazing way to explore the world around us. If you're unfamiliar, macro photography captures images near, at, and larger than life. This means we're seeing small things incredibly large when we take macro photos. Even if you've never heard of macro before you've certainly seen macro photos. Popular macro subjects include insects, flowers, and other small objects. As a result, if you've seen the eye of an insect or the very center of a small flower the chances are high that you were looking at a macro photo.

The Challenge of Taking Macro Photos

Creating macro photos isn't easy. In fact it's quite challenging. It can be very hard to get tiny things in focus, lighted well, and composed in an interesting way. As challenging as it is, macro photography is also incredibly rewarding. In this class I will teach you everything you need to know to master macro.

Pittsburgh Botanic Garden

This class is taught in partnership with the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. As such you'll need to visit their website in order to register. You can find information under their events calendar here. When you're ready you can sign up for this macro photography class here.

Pro Photographer Don Orkoskey

I'm pro photographer Don Orkoskey and I'll be teaching you this macro photography class at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. For more than 20 years I've worked as a professional photographer here in Pittsburgh. I do event photography and professional portrait. I also love nature and nature photography. I've taught photography classes in Pittsburgh and virtually for over 15 years. Find out more about me here. Contact me with any questions and don't forget to sign up for my mailing list!

Register Nowon the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Website
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