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North Park Wildlife Nature Photography Adventure

Join me, pro photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography at the Gold Star Shelter for my North Park wildlife nature photography adventure for January! This is part of my monthly nature photography walk series I lead for free around Pittsburgh. As always this is an all ages, all skill levels walk. As it is January please make sure to pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately. Additionally we’ll likely see birds and other small wildlife that can be hard to photograph without a telephoto lens. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t join us if you don’t have a telephoto lens, everyone is welcome! I’m professional photographer Don Orkoskey, owner of WDO Photography. Join me as I lead this wildlife nature photography adventure on Sunday Jan 29th at 9:30 am. More About Our Location At this location in North Park there are often a lot of birds which winter-over that we can see and photograph. There are also often small mammals such as squirrels. We’ll be next to the lake and depending on the weather we may see ice fishing or possibly kayaking if the temperature keeps being as unpredictable as it has been thus far. To get to
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Discover The Remarkable World of Macro Photography

Join pro photographer Don Orkoskey at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden for this incredible macro photography class starting Jan 12th Discover the remarkable world of macro photography! Grow your skills in photography and abilities in this 4-week series of in-person photography classes. Join me, professional photographer and teacher Don Orkoskey as I peel back the layers of this fascinating subject. Learn to find, focus, and expose photos of the tiniest details while exploring the tools you can use to make the minute look massive. Participants will also learn to master the means of post-production tricks that professionals use to add depth, clarity and impact to their photos. This series is open to beginners and curious photographers of any skill level, all you need is an interest in macro photography! THE REMARKABLE WORLD OF MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS DETAILS The Remarkable World of Macro Photography Class will start on Thursday Jan. 12th and run every Thursday for 4 weeks. Classes are held at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden from Noon until 3 PM and will feature classroom and practical time. This class is open to all students from beginner to advanced. Where: The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden, 799 Pinkerton Run Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15071 When:
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Free Nature Photography Walk

Discover dramatic nature right outside your door during this free monthly nature photography walk in Frick Park lead by Don Orkoskey. Do you love nature photography? Do you want to improve your skills? Join professional photographer Don Orkoskey on his monthly nature photography walk in Frick Park. Spend time with other nature photography enthusiasts, practice and grow as a photographer, and have a great time at this free photography event in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park. Please dress accordingly but otherwise come as you are. This is a free event open to all ages, all skill levels, and everyone regardless of the type of photography equipment you have. Join Don for this fun adventure in the wilds of Frick Park, just outside your door.
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Pittsburgh’s Best Free Urban Wildlife Walk

Join me, Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey for the best free urban wildlife walk on Nov. 19th in Schenley Plaza. Do you enjoy taking pictures? Do you want to learn more about nature, wildlife, or even street photography? Make sure to join me, pro photographer Don Orkoskey on Saturday Nov. 19th at Schenley Plaza in Oakland for this great free photography walk. We’ll meet at near the corner of Forbes and Bigelow Blvd. From there we’ll spend a few hours photographing everything from birds, squirrels, and street scenes as we find them.
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The Great Pittsburgh Nature Photography Adventure

Join Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography on his free monthly nature photo adventure through the incredible Frick Park Join the great Pittsburgh nature photography adventure Sept. 24th at 9:30 am in Frick Park. Experience the magic and wonders of nature that abound right here in our own city. September is a wonderful time for nature photography in Pittsburgh. There are still some late blooming flowers but many have gone to seed bringing both insects and birds to the meadows. Deer and other mammals are readying themselves for winter and the sun’s lower angle in the sky means we’ll have wonderful light to photograph in (rain or shine). Everyone is welcome to join to the great Pittsburgh nature photography adventure. This is an all ages, all skill levels walk around Frick Park lasting approx. two hours. Participants are welcome to leave at any time or stay later and continue to photograph long after 11:30. The pace and terrain will be set by both those who attend (and their level of ability) and by the subjects we find to photograph. Some walks don’t leave the meadow area, some venture far and wide. To find out more visit WDOphoto.com and be
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Fall 2022 Pittsburgh Photo Class For Beginners

Join pro photographer Don Orkoskey at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden for his fun and informative beginner’s photography class. Professional photographer and photography teacher Don Orkoskey teaches you how to use your camera, create stunning photos, and to feel confident doing so. In this weekly class running from Sept 28th to Oct. 19th you’ll learn the following and more: Your camera’s buttons, functions, and features Exposure, focus, and other technical settings Composition, design principles, and the aesthetics of photography Each class will feature two sections. The first section will be classroom based. Don will present the lesson and you’ll have time to ask questions as well as to present and talk about your work as a group. The second section will be practical time. Don will take you into the amazing gardens and together you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice with Don’s assistance and guidance. Don will also invite you to a Google Classroom where you can discuss information with your classmates, download materials, and upload your homework. Register Now: You must visit the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s website to register via their event calendar. Bonus: As an added bonus you’ll be given e-books authored by Don covering the materials that
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Fall 2022 Smarter Phone Photography

Learn how to create more striking photos with your phone in pro photographer Don Orkoskey’s Smarter Phone Photography Class on Sept. 11th Join pro photographer Don Orkoskey for his informative and fun smart phone photography class at 1 pm on Sunday, Sept. 11th. Learn how to create the photos that you want to make, how to get the most out of your camera, the features that make your phone an ideal camera, and feel more confident and comfortable as a phone photographer. You’ll learn exposure, composition, editing techniques, what extra’s to invest in, and how to capture what you see in real life in your camera. This class is divided into two sections. The first section is classroom time where Don will teach you everything you need to know to take incredible photos and host a discussion with you where you can ask any questions about phone photography. The second section will be practical time. Don will lead you into the beautiful gardens at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and will help you practice what you’ve just learned so you retain it better and can ask any questions. You must register for this class on the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s website! Tickets
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July 24th Nature Photography Walk

Join pro-photographer Don Orkoskey on his FREE monthly photography walk through Frick Park. Join me, pro-photographer Don Orkoskey, on my monthly photography walk through Frick Park. This is an all ages, all skill level FREE walk and everyone is welcome regardless of photographic or nature knowledge. Come out, have fun, learn a few things, take some photos of the incredible and abundant wildlife, flowers, and so much more that fill Frick Park. Come see and photograph, birds, mammals, flowers, insects, landscapes and more on Sunday July 24th at 9:30 am in Frick Park. I can’t wait to see you!
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