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Beautiful Personal Branding Portraits

Pittsburgh PA based pro photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography talks about how he creates beautiful personal branding portraits.
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Making Your Family Photos Experience A Positive One

Pro photographer Don Orkoskey speaks with Emily Melious of the Mother’s of Misfits Podcast about making your family photos experience a positive one.
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Don Elected Secretary of ASMP Pittsburgh Board

Pittsburgh PA based professional photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography has been elected Secretary of ASMP Pittsburgh Board.
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What’s the difference Between Branding Photos and Headshots

Do you want to learn the difference between headshots and branding portraits? Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey answers your questions.
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2022 Photography Classes in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh professional photography teacher Don Orkoskey talks about his 2022 photography classes in Pittsburgh in person and virtual classes.
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Saturday Nature Photo Walk

Join me next Saturday, Nov 20th at the fountain just beyond the Frick Environmental Center at 9:30 am when I resume my walks. These walks are a really fun way to practice your photography skills, to see nature at all times of year, to photography nature, and to get a little bit of exercise and socialization.
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Photography Classes in Pittsburgh

Professional photographer Don Orkoskey teaches a variety of photography classes in Pittsburgh from intro to photography to advanced classes.
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Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk

Join me every Saturday at 9:30 AM for my Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk. We meet at the fountain by the Frick Environmental Center near the meadow. I’ve been conducting these walks since March of 2021 and inviting anyone who wants to join me. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, what type of equipment you have, or how skilled as a photographer you are. The Pittsburgh Nature Photography Walk is for everyone!
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Pittsburgh’s Strip District

Pittsburgh PA based event and wedding photographer and photography teacher talks about Pittsburgh’s Strip District
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The Greatest Thing About Being A Photographer In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey of WDO Photography shares the greatest thing about being a photographer in Pittsburgh.
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The Most Amazing Teen Photography Class In Pittsburgh

Pro photographer Don Orkoskey is teaching the most amazing teen photography class in Pittsburgh on Aug 17th 2021
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Pittsburgh’s Best Photo Locations

If you’re looking for Pittsburgh’s best family photo locations be sure to check these incredible photography spots in and around Pittsburgh.
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