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There is no better time than Spring for your family photos! Book your session between now and Memorial Day to take advantage of wonderful Spring weather, beautiful flowers, and lush greenery. Spring is the ultimate time to take family portraits because of how green the world appears and how well the sunlight can help your photos look amazing.

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Why Spring Is The Best For Family Photos

Spring is the best for family photos for a few reasons. First the light from the sun is still lower in the sky than it will be during the height of summer family photo season. This means your family and the location where we're taking your family portraits will look nicer.

The weather also plays a big role in why Spring is best for family photos. Though it can be rainy and temperatures still might be a little cooler it's more comfortable for kids than hot, humid, sticky weather. Even an unseasonably warm Spring day feels better because we're used to the cold and more tolerant or even welcoming of the heat. It's also not as humid which makes a big difference.

Of course not all family photos days work out in terms of weather. Sometimes it might be rainy. Your preferred photo location might be muddy. Or it may be cold and even snowy still. While that all seems like bad news in terms of family photos the truth is that photographers know how to overcome most of these issues. Plus getting photos during these times can actually make them more memorable, more unique, and lead you to cherish them long after you've forgotten those sunny day family portrait sessions.

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Nail Your Spring Family Photo Session

Here are my tips on how to nail your Spring family photo session.

  1. Choose your colors - find a family of color tones that matches your style which your family all looks good in. Don't fall for trends, be true to who you are as a family and use colors to help tell your family's story.
  2. No Patterns - one thing that will help your photos look dated really fast is patterns. Even stripes or trendy outfits. It's better to dress in something classic rather than dressing in outfits that draw the attention away from your faces.
  3. Coordinate - you don't need to wear matching jeans and white button down shirts or all wear the same pastel colors. Though it's Spring you want photos that show off your family year round, not just this season.
  4. Fitted is best - no matter what your size or shape is fitted clothes will make you look your best. Baggy clothes just end up looking messy. You don't need to squeeze into tiny tight stuff, in fact that can look bad too as no matter how small a person is they can look like they've got rolls and folds when posed in particular ways. That is why fitted is best. It holds close to you but doesn't cling between folds of skin. Note: if there are areas of your bodies that you're uncomfortable with talk with me about how we can minimize attention there with poses and lighting - clothes often can't hide these things but poses and lighting can.
  5. Check the Weather - check the weather and make sure you have outfits that will work in layers or multiple choices before the day of your family photo session because the forecast can and will change a lot between when you booked and when your photo session actually happens.
  6. Location Concerns - it's important to be flexible as sometime flowers you think might be in bloom may not be. Additionally, cultivated flowers might be removed or replaced before your photo session. A good photographer will be prepared for this and can create wonderful family photos in nearly any setting.
  7. Relax - make sure that you and your family get plenty of rest before your photo session. Drink lots of water in the days leading up to your family photos. Make sure you're not too stressed the day of your photos. I know that last one can be difficult but by making sure you're ready for challenges that might come up goes a long way to a stress-free family photo day.

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March 15, 2022 | Don Orkoskey
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