Waterproof Phone Case

Here is a small sample video shot with my Galaxy S20 in one of these waterproof phone cases.Before my wife and I set out to visit the incredible city of Savannah GA for a late summer vacation I bought this two pack of waterproof phone case for $10 on Amazon. Before we go any further I want to make it clear that I’m not being paid to write this. These very inexpensive cases worked amazingly! I’ve posted a video below of myself playing in the Atlantic Ocean waves on Tybee Island. The most important thing is obviously that they don’t leak. They passed that test with flying colors which is great because so much of what we do these days is phone dependent and while I could have found my way back to the apartment we are renting it would have been really upsetting if I needed to get a new phone and to have had to explain it to the sales person why. One other measure that I think is important if you’re looking for a waterproof phone case is it’s ability to function. While I did have some issues double-clicking my power button (how I typically turn on …

Pittsburgh’s Best Photo Locations

You’re looking for Pittsburgh’s best photo locations for family portraits, senior pictures, engagement photos, or any other type of outdoor photography from nature photography to people photography. You came to the right place because this list has got you covered! No matter where you’re located or what you want for your background this guide will tell you the best place to create your perfect Pittsburgh photographs. I’ve broken down Pittsburgh’s best photography locations by type and location below. If you’re looking for an urban background in the North Hills we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a nature background in the East End you’re all set. Best Photography Locations The following are the best photography locations in and around Pittsburgh by location from natural to urban. If you’re looking for natural areas check out the first list. If you’re looking for urban backgrounds check the second list. Pittsburgh’s Best All-around Nature Photo Backgrounds If you’re looking for Pittsburgh’s best all-around nature photo backgrounds no matter where in or around the city you are then this list is for you. Phipps Conservatory – Phipps is one of the most beautiful places in Pittsburgh for photography. The only catch is that …

How to Prepare for Your Family Photo Session

Understanding how to prepare for your family photo session can be stressful. Knowing what to wear, what to bring with you, how to deal with the kids not cooperating, and what to expect from the photographer can all seem a bit overwhelming and that’s no good because your family photos should be a joyous, fun, exciting time where the memories that are captured will remind you of this special time in your family’s life for years to come.How To Prepare Before Your Family Photo Session There are a few things that will help you to prepare for your family photo session. If you follow our guide you will love your photos! The following 5 simple tips will help you prepare before your family photo session: Clothing Consultation – At WDO Photography we know your clothing choices can make or break your family photos. Clothing Choice depends on time of year, where your session is, and how comfortable they are. At WDO Photography we always schedule a clothing consultation to make sure your clothing choices look and feel great. Look Great, Feel Great – Get a trim, have your roots touched up, and your nails looking great. This can make a big …

Better Phone Photography

This is a companion article focused on the items we discuss in class. The goal of this article and the Better Phone Photography workshop.

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Here is our digital camera buying guide, a companion to our digital buying guide workshop. With this guide you can navigate the confusing process of selecting and buying a new digital camera.