Digital Photography for Everyone

WDO Photography and Phipps Conservatory present Digital Photography for Everyone. This four week long online digital photography class is open to everyone regardless of camera equipment and skill level. Do you want to learn the basics of photography? Now is the time to sign up. Visit the Photography Classes page. Click on the listing here or visit Phipps class page where you can directly sign up. The class is every Thursday night starting on Jan. 21st running through Feb. 28th from 6:30 until 9 pm. Learn how to use your camera. Learn the basics of exposure, how to compose compelling photos, and how to tell stories with your images. This class is for everyone, who is passionate about photography but may still be struggling with the technical or aesthetic aspects of photography. Sign up today through Phipps and join Don for this informative and fun photography class which former students have recommended to their family and friends. If you’re tired of keeping your camera on automatic and being frustrated when your pictures don’t turn out like you want this is the photography class for you.

Intro to Smartphone Photography

Sign up for WDO Photography’s Intro to Smartphone Photography class hosted virtual through Phipps on Jan 14th at 6:30 pm.

Better Phone Photography

This is a companion article focused on the items we discuss in class. The goal of this article and the Better Phone Photography workshop.

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Here is our digital camera buying guide, a companion to our digital buying guide workshop. With this guide you can navigate the confusing process of selecting and buying a new digital camera.