November Nature Photography Walks

Pittsburgh PA based professional nature photographer Don Orkoskey discusses his November Nature Photography Walks in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park

Saturday Nature Photo Walk

I photographed this whitetail deer in Frick Park on one of my Saturday nature photography walks. We often encounter deer on our walks along with lots of birds, insects, and beautiful plants. There will be no Saturday nature photography walk in Frick Park on Nov 13th as I have an early wedding to photography. I will be back out for the Saturday nature photography walk Nov 20th and encourage you to join me. Next Saturday Join me next Saturday, Nov 20th at the fountain just beyond the Frick Environmental Center at 9:30 am when I resume my walks. These walks are a really fun way to practice your photography skills, to see nature at all times of year, to photography nature, and to get a little bit of exercise and socialization. Everyone Is Welcome I adjust my walks to whomever comes because everyone is welcome. All ages, all skill levels, all types of camera equipment from phones to professional cameras. Mobility Friendly Because I tailor my walks to who shows up they’re always mobility friendly. There are areas of the park along paved paths that are perfect for photographing birds and plants. Most of the flowers have died by this …