Join The Great Pittsburgh Nature Photography Adventure

Don Orkoskey | August 31, 2022
greatest nature photography walk in Pittsburgh

Join the great Pittsburgh nature photography adventure Sept. 24th at 9:30 am in Frick Park. September is a wonderful time for nature photography in Frick. Flowers are still blooming but many have gone to seed attracting both bees and birds. This is a great time to explore nature with your camera! Join me on this free nature photography walk, and have a grand adventure! All Pittsburgh photographers are welcome regardless of skill level, ability, age, or any other factors. If you are interested then please come out. I promise that you are welcome!

Nature Photography Walk Details

Cost: FREE 
9:30 am on Saturday Sept. 24st 2022 
Where: Frick Park, near the Frick Environmental Center
Who: Everyone is welcome! All ages, all skill levels, no matter what type of camera system you have you're encouraged to join us. I'm a professional photographer and photography teacher. While this isn't a formal class I'm more than happy to answer questions and provide tips no matter what type of camera you're using from film to digital, phones to DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
Details: The Great Pittsburgh Nature Photography Adventure is a monthly nature photography walk in Pittsburgh's incredible Frick Park (and at times elsewhere). It lasts approximately two hours and covers a variety of terrain depending on the participants and what we find to photograph. The adventure happens rain or shine (though thunderstorms have cut us short once).  
Sponsored by: ASMP Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.

The Great Pittsburgh Nature Photography Adventure

Join the great Pittsburgh nature photography adventure! Come along with other nature and photo enthusiasts, birders, and everyone else who joins in. Learn about photography and nature. Bring a friend and experience the amazing and abundant wilds of Frick Park. Get tips from pros and amateurs, birders, mushroom hunters, and all around nature lovers. Share your own stories and advice! Everyone is welcome, all ages, and all levels of knowledge from advanced to beginner. The adventure is always welcoming of everyone.

My Nature Photography

While You're here please have a look at my nature photography work. I love to photography wildlife, birds, mammals, and other wildlife photos as well as flowers, insects, and other tiny things with macro photography lenses.

View my latest fine art nature photography from my trip to Yosemite!

This year I'm focusing on two things - more macro photography, and birds in flight. Join me as I grow my own skills and help you grow yours. My artist photography work is driven by a desire to better understand the systems that surround us. If you're interested in learning more about that be sure to check out my artist website at

You can find out more about my other photography work including event photography, weddings, portraits, family photos, and more on my services page.

Contact Me

Contact me with any questions or comments.

If you're interested in learning photography or in photography classes near Pittsburgh be sure to check out all of the photography classes I'm teaching or consider taking private photography lessons. If you're looking for more free photography resources be sure to check out this page and be sure to sign up for my mailing list comes out monthly. This is a free newsletter full of great information to help you grow as a photographer as well as links to photography classes and more.

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