Terminal Art Market

Strip District TerminalI am very excited to let you all know that I'm participating in the Terminal Art Market this Sunday, Sept 19th at the Terminal in the Strip District. Come see me and 19 other artists and artisans along with the great full time venders at the Terminal including one of my favorite plant & garden stores in Pittsburgh City Grows!

I'm very excited to be joining an amazing group of creators including Women of the Cloud Forest, Threadbare Cider, Anizia Karmazyn, Lilac Honey, and more.

Fine Art Prints

Green Heron by WDO PhotographyI'll be selling a selection of Fine Art Prints of my nature photography work. These are beautiful prints, many large matted and framed pictures that will look incredible in your home or place of business. Subjects range from birds and butterflies to flowers and mushrooms. Sizes range from intimate sized 5x7 inch prints to massive 16x24 inch prints in frames.

I've printed some of my favorite work for the Terminal Art Market and I know you will love it. Come see me and these prints in person from 9 am until 1 pm on Sunday Sept 19th. along with all of the other incredible artists and artisans who are also participating.

Strip District Terminal

If you've not made it to the Strip District Terminal since it's opened to the public this is the perfect opportunity to visit. There's nothing quite like the Strip District on a Sunday. It's more calm than the average bustling Saturday, brunch is a bit easier to get, and the more laid back, relaxing pace makes for a great shopping experience. I'm a huge fan of what they've done with the Terminal and with Smallman being much safer and easier to navigate it's really easy to pop back and forth between the Terminal and Penn Ave or to snake your way through the side-streets and hit the great shops at places like the Pennsylvania Building on 19th.

See You Sunday!

I can't wait to see you Sunday for the Terminal Art Market! If you've found out about the event from reading the blog please be sure to mention it. This is the first show that I've done since the pandemic began and I'm really happy to be showing off these prints in person to the public. There's nothing like seeing them in person to really get a feel for how they'll look in your home. Thanks for reading, I'll see you Sunday!