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Read more about my fine art photography in this articles. This category contains posts about my work that I'm sure you will love to read. Be sure to visit my fine art photography page to see examples of the artwork I'm creating. I'm the owner of WDO Photography, professional photographer Don Orkoskey and I've been creating art ever since I was a child. If you're looking for unique fine art photos to display in your home or place of business please take a look at what I'm creating.I've been photographing events and people around Pittsburgh for more than 25 years. I'm a Pittsburgh photographer through-and-through. My commercial, event, portrait, and family photography work is loved and well respected. If you're looking to have yourself or an event photographed I promise that you won't find a harder working more dedicated photographer near Pittsburgh.When it comes to fine art photography trust me to deliver something unique and special that will grab the attention of everyone who sees it. Contact me today to discuss my work.
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