You’ll Love My Free Nature Photography Class Pittsburgh

Don Orkoskey | August 2, 2022

You'll Love My Free Nature Photography Class Pittsburgh You'll love my free nature photography class Pittsburgh on Aug 28th in Frick Park. This is another in my series of free nature photography walks through the incredible Frick Park here in Pittsburgh. Join me, Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey, for my monthly free walk through Pittsburgh's Frick Park. This fun and family friendly photography class is open to everyone. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Nature Photography Class Details

Cost: FREE 
 9:30 am on Sunday August 28st 2022 
Where: Frick Park, near the Frick Environmental Center
Who: Everyone is welcome! All ages, all skill levels, no matter what type of camera system you have you're encouraged to join us for this free nature photography class. I'm a professional photographer and photography teacher. While this isn't structured like a formal class I'm here and more than happy to answer questions and provide tips no matter what type of camera you're using from film to digital, phones to DSLR or mirrorless cameras.
Sponsored by: ASMP Pittsburgh, The Pittsburgh chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Monthly Nature Photography Walks

This is the August edition of my monthly nature photography walks through Frick Park. These walks are a great way to get out into nature, meet other people, learn about photography and nature, and have a great day in the park. These are family friendly and inclusive events. There are often other professional photographers who join us as well as artists, birders, and more. The chances that you'll come away learning something new are nearly 100 percent.

Pittsburgh Photographer Don Orkoskey

If you're just finding out about me hello! I'm Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey. I'm a fully time professional photographer living and working in Pittsburgh. You can read more about me on my about page but briefly I am an event, portrait, and nature photographer. I'm also a photography teacher offering photography classes near Pittsburgh and private photography lessons. You can see more of my work including my fine art photography on my other website

Join My Free Nature Photography Class

Join my free nature photography class by showing up on time the day of the event. Registration is not required. If you'd like to let me know that you're attending via Eventbrite or Facebook. I create both of these event registrations as a way to help spread the word more than for registration purposes. I promise that you will love my free nature photography class Pittsburgh!

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