WDO Photo Etsy Store

WDO Photo Etsy Store

I'm so happy to announce that I've opened the official WDO Photo Etsy store! I'm still selling all of my prints via Zenfolio but by opening a store on Etsy I'm hoping to find new customers for my fine art photography.

Dreams Photography

I'm featuring my Dreams Photography series on the WDO Photo Etsy store. I really love this series and am so happy to be working on these. These are photos that focus on dream imagery and what those things might mean to us. They're all taken from real life. These are photographs, not digital images but they invoke a sense of dreams and what dreams mean to us. They're also inspirational, and meditative. You can hang these photos in places that you find calming and you center yourself on them to find peace, help you reset yourself, and to gain inspiration. They allow you to look deep within yourself and find truth.

Nature Photography

Nature Photography by Don OrkoskeyIn addition to the Dreams Series I'm featuring a growing collection of my nature photography on the WDO Photo Etsy store.

You'll be able to find a lot of the photos that people have reacted strongly to when they've been exhibited in the past. This includes some of my personal favorites as well such as my Gold Finch and Frog In The Rain photos.

If you love my nature work you can still buy a print directly from me (that's better for me financially) or order via my Zenfolio galleries (they too take a smaller cut than Etsy) but I'm committed to making Etsy work because it has a very wide audience that I'm excited to tap into.

What is Etsy

If you're not familiar and find yourself asking what is Etsy let me tell you. Etsy is a platform for creatives to sell their wares. There are a lot of independent artists of all types from fine jewelers to fiber artists on Etsy. It's a great place to Shop Small and to support independent creators and businesses both locally and from around the world and Etsy does feature creators from across the globe. In fact we bought some really fun knitted socks for Zhanna from Turkey and our wedding rings from someone in California. If you've not explored Etsy check it out for sure!