April Nature Photography Walk Pittsburgh

Don Orkoskey | March 27, 2022

Pro photographer Don Orkoskey

Join me April 10th on my monthly nature photography walk in Frick Park. This is a free event open to everyone. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Bring everything from your cell phone to your professional camera.

If you're in or around Pittsburgh and you're interested in nature photography join me for this nature photo walk. It doesn't matter if you're just learning photography or if you're a professional - everyone is welcome because nature photography is for everyone!

April Nature Photography Walk Details

When: April 10th at 9:30 AM
Where: Frick Park near the Frick Environmental Center off of Beechwood Blvd. (google map)
Who: You and a bunch of other great people who love nature and nature photography!
Leader: I'm Don Orkoskey, a professional photographer and photography teacher. I lead these monthly nature photo walks and teach photography classes near Pittsburgh at a variety of locations.

I've been an event and portrait photographer for more than 20 years. For over 15 years I've taught photography. I'm passionate about nature photography, macro photography, fine art photography, and telling stories with photography.

More Info: These photo walks are free opportunities to learn more about photography and to practice your skills. They're also a social event. Come out meet others with an interest in nature and photography. If you have any questions about my March Nature Photo Walk send me a message through my contact form and feel free to let me know you'll be there by saying you're attending on the Facebook event listing.

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Hours & Info

7120 Harrison Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Open by appointment

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