Celebrate International Women’s Day with New Photos

Don Orkoskey | March 4, 2022

International Women's Day Rosie

Celebrate International Women's Day with new photos celebrating your personal accomplishments and the achievements of women around the globe today and throughout history.

Every woman who books headshots or personal branding photos between now and March 8th, (International Women's Day) will save 25% on her portraits. In addition I'm donating another 25% sales during this promotion to organizations that help women and girls.

If you've been thinking that you need a new profile picture for social media, just want to celebrate yourself, or if you want to get another amazing women in your life some new photos then book or reserve a session for yourself or the women in your life before March 8th to take advantage of this rare discount.

International Women's Day Promotion

I rarely offer any discounts but in light of all of the horrible things happening in the US and around the world I'm committed to helping resist and to standing with women against the rising tide of gender-based abuses through my International Women's Day Discount and Donation.

As diminishing reproductive rights, decreasing domestic violence protection, and war put more women and girls at risk it's important that we all stand up against these losses.

All Women Are Eligible

All women are eligible for this promotion, not just those AFAB. Non-binary folks are also eligible for the International Women's Day Promotion due to the discrimination that affects you as well.

Admittedly this isn't much and we all need to do more to protect the rights and freedoms of girls and women around the world. Still this is an important cause so I want to do what I can with your help.

To get the discount simply book a headshot or personal branding portrait session between now and March 8th. The photos don't have to be done before March 8th but you do need to reserve a session to get the discount.

Book Your Session

Book your session by contacting me through the form below. Mention that these are headshots or branding portraits for a women to let me know that you wish to take advantage of the International Women's Day Discount and Donation.

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