Photography Class for Parents

Don Orkoskey | March 2, 2022

Mark your calendars for June 4th 2022 and sign up below for my photography class for parents!

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You LOVE to take photos of your kiddos but are frustrated that you've missed that perfect shot, that it was blurry, or too dark, and wish you knew more about photography.

My photography class for parents is the perfect way to learn photography so you can capture more of those moments and feel less frustrated when it comes to taking family photos.

Photography for Parents

My photography for Parents class will teach you the basics of photography. Learn to use your phone or more advanced camera systems to capture better photos of your kids no matter what age they are.

This Class is for You!

If you're asking then yes, this class is for you! This class will help all parents to capture better family photos from candids to posed portraits. I will teach you the following and more:

  1. How to understand your camera's settings
  2. How to adjust your camera settings
  3. How to read and understand light
  4. How to position yourself and your camera
  5. How to position your kids for the best photos,
  6. How to pose your family photos
  7. How to find the best location
  8. How to create more interesting photos that you will love and cherish forever
  9. How to solve problems when it comes to photographing your family

Class Details

Here are all of the class details.

When: Saturday June 4th from 1 pm until 3 pm.
Where: the Overlook Shelter in Schenley Park (map)
Structure: The first hour of the class will feature practical information that you can use to learn to take better photos of your family and kids. The second hour will be practical time when you can practice with me present so that if you run into issues I can help you solve them.
Additional Details: The shelter has a small playground nearby and other areas that make it the perfect spot to learn how to photograph your kids during the practical time that we have together.

Please Note: The class is restricted to 20 participants. If there is significant interest a second class might be added later in the day.

Can I bring my kid(s)? Absolutely! The class is for you to learn how to photograph your kids. Just be aware that it may be difficult to pay attention to them and the class. 

Do I need to register and pay for my kid(s) to attend? No, assuming your kids are babies, toddlers, or under the age of 12 you don't need to pay for them just be aware that they might get board during the class and you should have something for them to entertain themselves with

Should both parents register for the class? That is up to you. Ideally one parent might want to take the kid(s) to the playground (there is a big playground nearby) then bring them back during practical time so the parent attending can practice. However if you both want to take the class them please do! Just make sure you both register.

Do I need to know anything about photography first? Not at all, if you do that's great but if not it won't be a problem.

Do I need a fancy camera to take this class? Not at all, if you've got a smartphone then you should get just as much from the class as everyone else. If you do have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera there are extra settings that I can talk with you about during practical time but the class itself is open to everyone regardless of their equipment.

Register Now

Use the button below to register now for this class. The photography for parents class is limited to 20 people so please sign up right away. This class makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day so if you're still shopping consider signing mom up for this unique and special gift that she'll remember forever.


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7120 Harrison Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Open by appointment

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