February Nature Photography Walk Location Change

Don Orkoskey | January 30, 2022

Green Heron in North Park - Nature Photography by WDO Photography

The Forbes Ave. bridge collapse and subsequent closure of the entirety of Frick Park has forced a February Nature Photography Walk location change. Rather than meeting at Frick Park we'll be meeting at 9:30 am on Sunday February 6th at the Gold Star shelter at North Park.

This post is an update for the post announcing the February nature photo walk.

Location Change

This location change  is a result of the Forbes Ave. bridge collapse. The Forbes Ave bridge did span Fern Hollow and many of the trails in this section of Frick Park. Due to the need to investigate what caused the collapse the city has closed the entirety of Frick Park.

New Location

The new location that we'll be meeting at is the Gold Star shelter at North Park. If you're unfamiliar with the North Park of the location of Gold Star please check out Google Maps here to see where our new location is.

Nature Photography Walk

North Park is an incredible location for a nature photography walk. All of my official nature photo walks last year were in Frick Park but I spent a great deal of time in North Park taking nature photos as well.

North Park is  an incredible place to take nature photos. We'll meet at the Gold Star shelter which is close to the kayak launch and a short walk from the Point which is another great place to take nature photos.

Wildlife Photography

The nature and wildlife photography opportunities at North Park are really incredible. Last summer and fall I found a great variety of birds. While many of those have migrated south for the winter there are a pair of nesting bald eagles that we have a good chance of seeing. There are also a lot of deer and other wildlife. Our other options include some wonderful landscape photography opportunities.

I drove through North Park last week and while I didn't get a chance to take any photos I did see that North Park Lake was frozen which presents some fun photo opportunities.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments please use the contact form to reach me. This month is a bit of a mess given the change of location for our nature photo walk so please let me know if you have any issues, questions or comments.

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