Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk [Feb. 6th 2022]

Don Orkoskey | January 14, 2022

Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk

Nature Photographer Don Orkoskey proudly announces the return of the his beloved Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk happening at 9:30 am Feb 6th 2022 in Frick Park at the Gold Star Shelter in North Park. This is a Free nature photography walk open to everyone no matter your skill level, the types of equipment you have, age, or anything else.

NOTE: Due to the emergency closure of all of Frick Park after the failure and collapse of the Forbes Ave Bridge this months walk will be moved to the Gold Star shelter in North Park. Read more on the blog.

Event Details

Below find all of the event details for this free nature photo walk through one of Pittsburgh's most loved public parks - Frick Park. Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring whatever camera equipment that you have from your cell phone to mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, or any other gear you wish to use.


The first Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk of 2022 will take place February 6th at 9:30 am. Please arrive a few minutes early to make sure you can find a place to park and can find the group. The walk generally lasts around two hours but participants can leave at any time or stay as long as they want that day. The terrain varies but I can make accommodations and there are options for those with mobility issues to participate, just please let me know if you need accommodations in advanced through my contact page.


Because of the Forbes Ave bridge collapse this month's walk will be moved to the Gold Star shelter in North Park on Lake Shore Drive. See Google Maps if you're not familiar with the location.

Additional Details

The Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk is fun and light hike through the natural areas of Frick Park where we'll see a variety of wildlife including insects, birds, and small mammals. We'll occasionally encounter larger animals such as deer as well as domestic animals such as dogs (and the occasional cat). There are also a variety of plants to photograph and a lot of other interesting subjects.

The pace of the walk is slow. Depending on who shows up and the types of photos they are interested in taking (bird photos, macro photos, etc.) the pace is adjusted. This is an all ages walk so kids are welcome.

The Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walk is also open to everyone regardless of skill levels and the type of equipment you have. This is a fun walk where we can ask questions, learn, and enjoy ourselves. Don't be afraid to show up or to ask questions even if you're brand new to photography or nature photography.

About Don

Hi, I'm Don! I started to lead these free walks when the pandemic got to be too much and I really needed to connect with and socialize with other people. Since March of 2021 I have met and walked with dozens of people and have had an amazing time leading these nature photo walks.

You're welcome to read more about me on my about page but I'm a professional photographer based in Pittsburgh. I've been photographing everything from portraits and events to nature and fine art projects for more than 20 years. I work full time as a professional photographer and opened WDO Photography in 2007.

While most of my professional work centers around portraits and events I absolutely love the natural world and doing nature photography. I'm also a teacher. I teach photography classes throughout the Pittsburgh area both independently and through partnerships with some of our most amazing community assets such as Phipps Conservatory and the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden.

If you've not joined me for one these Pittsburgh Nature Photo Walks yet then I can't wait to meet you. If you've been out and are coming out again I can't wait to catch up. Thank you for your interest and make sure to bring a friend so it's even more fun. If you've got any questions please reach out through my contact page.

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