November Nature Photography Walks

Don Orkoskey | November 23, 2021

November Nature Photography Walks

It's hard to believe I only was able to do one November Nature Photography Walk this year but due to holiday traveling there won't be a photography walk this Sat. Nov 27th. This will be the third one in a row that I've had to cancel but don't worry I promise, come sleet, snow, or anything else that might be tossed our way we will return in December for more nature photography walks starting on Dec. 4th.

I hope you were able to get out there and take a lot of nature photos this November even if I wasn't. At first blush it might not seem like the best time of year to do so but fall is a perfect time for nature photography and not just because of the leaves changing colors. There are so many more wonders of nature to photograph in the fall including loads of wildlife such as deer, foxes, birds, and rabbits. There are even still some insects active on warmer days including grasshoppers and beetles.

The nature photography walks I did manage to go on this month were incredible. I captured some truly wonderful photos. Have a look at them on Flickr. Please like and follow my Facebook page and Twitter for updates about my nature photography walks, photography classes, and more. If you want to join me on a walk or just want to ask a question about Pittsburgh nature photography please reach out via my contact page. If you want to improve your nature photography or any even general photography skills subscribe to my mailing list. Good luck out there, go explore this amazing world of ours and take loads of photos! Nature photography is for everyone!


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