You Need To Be At This Amazing Photography Retreat

Don Orkoskey | June 17, 2022

Amazing Photography Retreat At The Oaklander

You Need To Be At This Amazing Photography Retreat

You need to be at this amazing photography retreat on June 24th - 26th. Photograph, learn, network, and have too much fun during four amazing photo sessions, dinners, brunch and networking opportunities. We've got the models, locations, and everything else you need to create incredible photos! Talk shop, learn lighting, post processing, editing, working with clients, and more!

Join the incredible Megan Hursh and Sydney Lynn along with guest instruction from me, Don Orkoskey, on Sunday morning.

Build your confidence as a photographer. Learn about branding. Meet other Pittsburgh photographers who are struggling or have overcome what you're stuck on. Create kick-ass photos for your portfolio. Basically, be here or lose out on the best opportunity in Pittsburgh to learn to be a better portrait photographer.

Check out this awesome video that Sydney and Megan put together.

Here are all of the details about this amazing photography retreat. Megan and Sydney have truly pulled out all the stops. Check out the extraordinary deal you're getting at this photography retreat.


Accommodations at the stylish Oaklander Hotel for only $99/night!

That's more than 2/3rds off the regular room rate! 

The Oaklander is a chic modern hotel with an amazing restaurant, luxurious rooms, and beautiful aesthetics. Located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh the Oaklander is in close proximity to downtown. It's also within walking distance to many great cultural amenities including the University of Pittsburgh, Phipps Conservatory, and the Carnegie Museum Complex.

Pittsburgh Photo Sessions

Check out these fantastic photo sessions. You will have the ability to fully participate in each one. Take photos, work with the talent, and stuff your portfolio full of incredible pictures. All participants have time to direct the session and the models, and to take photos of the talent.

  1. Friday 7:45pm - Rooftop wedding session featuring pops of Hollywood glam and modern funk. This session features a phenomenal lesbian couple as our models.
  2. Saturday 9:30am - Schenley Park family photo session featuring a boho aesthetic. You will absolutely adore our delightful family of models.
  3. Saturday 7:45pm - Strip District couples session that is like, totally, bitchin. Featuring a gnarly, rad-to-the-max, like, totally awesome 1980s vintage roller-skating session! This is going to be one bodacious session.
  4. Sunday 9:30am - Oaklander Hotel session featuring Special K, a brilliant local musician and artist. Join us in recreating vintage Black glamour and examining the aesthetic of the 1930's Hollywood starlets, musical and fashion icons. We'll be focusing on lighting for glamour using the tools you already own.


Check out these great extras!

Join us for dinner Saturday at Kaya in the Strip District. Talk to your fellow participants, eat some delicious Caribbean food, sip some cocktails, and cut loose.

Stay for Brunch on Sunday. Premier Imaging will be joining us to talk about their studio rentals, gallery shows, and their camera shop.

Registration & Fees

Register in advance for the entire weekend, stay with everyone else at the Oaklander. Talk shop and take advantage of networking opportunities with your fellow photographers. Alternatively you can register and join just the sessions that you wish to be a part of. Each session costs $150.

Register Here

You Really Need To Be Here!

You really need to be here! This amazing photography retreat will only happen once in 2022. I personally promise that you will become a better portrait photographer from this retreat. Come learn how to prepare for a variety of portrait sessions. Learn what other professional portrait photographers in Pittsburgh already know about posing, lighting, and relaxing your subjects. Learn how to accelerate and streamline post processing, how to run your photography business better, and learn what is working for other photographers.

If you've got any questions about the event please reach out to Megan or Sydney. If you have questions for me please visit my contact page. If you're interested in the other classes I teach please visit my photography classes page. I can't stress enough how much fun this photography retreat will be and how much you need to be there! I can't wait to see you next weekend!

Future Classes

I'm working with Megan on plans for future lighting classes along with our friends at Premier Imaging. If you want to find out more sign up for my mailing list. My mailing list is full of tips and trick to help you learn photography. It has the occasional product review, and it will tell you all about the classes I'm teaching.

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