Nature Photography Walk Partner ASMP Pittsburgh

Don Orkoskey | February 26, 2022

Pro photographer Don Orkoskey

I'm so excited to announce my new nature photography walk partner ASMP Pittsburgh! I'm a member, a board member, and a big fan of ASMP's Pittsburgh chapter. The partnership was voted on at the February Board meeting. Full disclosure, I abstained from the vote myself.

This new nature photography walk partnership with ASMP Pittsburgh begins with the March 12th Nature Photo Walk in Frick Park. Read on and come out to find out why this is such an exciting partnership.

Partnership Benefits

For nature loving members of ASMP this increases the visibility of my monthly walks. Information about the walks will be shared directly with members and they'll be encouraged to attend. The board is focused on creating more networking opportunities like this one. That means more working professional photographers having a chance to talk shop in-person monthly.

For professional photographers who are not part of ASMP this will give you a chance to find out why you should join ASMP.

Everyone Is Welcome

If you're not a pro don't worry because everyone is welcome. If you love nature and nature photography this partnership means more pro photographers who you can meet, chat with, and learn from. Every nature photography walk that I lead is open to all ages and all skill levels. Please don't be intimidated by the pros who show up. I promise that if they're attending that they're super friendly and sociable. You don't need to worry about them knowing more than you - in fact that's a big benefit for you when it comes to this new nature photography walk partnership.

New Partner: ASMP Pittsburgh

(American Society of Media Photographers) ASMP Pittsburgh Board of Directors

My new partner ASMP Pittsburgh is the local chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP). ASMP is a professional photography trade organization. At the local level the mission is to grow a vibrant, inclusive community of media professionals in the Pittsburgh region, to elevate the quality and value of our field for all creatives. ASMP Pittsburgh isn't just for photographers - it's for those who hire and work with photographers and those close to photography industries like publishing and media production as well as areas such as real estate, and sports. Find out more by visiting the local ASMP website or by contacting me.

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