2022 Photography Classes in Pittsburgh

Don Orkoskey | December 2, 2021

2022 Photography Classes in Pittsburgh

I'm so excited to talk about all of my 2022 photography classes in Pittsburgh. If you're looking for photography classes in Pittsburgh this coming year I've got you covered no matter what type of photography class you're looking to take. Let 2022 be your year to improve your photography skills and to take your photography to the next level.

Macro Photography Class

2022 Macro Photography ClassTo kick things off in January I'm teaching a 4-week-long macro photography class at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. I've written about this macro photography class on the blog. Read more about it there. You can't register for my macro class yet but keep checking the PBG's calendar to register. Follow me on your favorite social media platform and I'll keep you posted when the registration opens.

Sign up for this class and learn everything you need to know about capturing amazing macro photos. I'll teach you how to exposure, compose, and post process all of the big little things we find to photograph. We'll learn about extension tubes, bellows, and other ways to create macro photos without a dedicated macro lens.

Phone Photography Classes

nature phone photography I've got two very exciting phone photography classes set for 2022. If you've got a new phone which you need to learn to use or if you're ready to take your phone photography skills to the next level I've got the perfect class for you.

Watch the blog for announcements of when these classes are scheduled as I'm still working out dates and times. Then make sure you sign up. I'm trying to teach each of these classes a few times but there might be quite a bit of time between each session.

Intro to Phone Photography

I'm again teaching my into to phone photography class which is a great course if you want to take better photos with your phone but find yourself frustrated and unsure how to improve your photography skills or just want to know how to get the most out of your phone's camera. This class is great for new parents, teens, and anyone who wants to learn how to use their phone to capture amazing photos.

Advanced Phone Photography

If you know how to use your phone's camera but want to up your game my advanced phone photography class is perfect for you. Learn how to use add-on lenses, different tools and adapters, lights, and more to enhance your photography skills. Then learn how to edit your photos right on your phone layering and processing your pictures to create amazing works of art that you and everyone else will love.

Intro to Photography Class

My intro to photography class is the best basic photography class in Pittsburgh. No other photography class will give you all of the skills you need to create amazing photos or will challenge you like I do in this class. If you're looking for a fun class and to learn the photography basics you need in order to understand how to create great photos, how to solve problems when your pictures don't turn out like you want, and how to use photography to tell amazing stories this is the class for you. I've been teaching this intro course for the last 3 years at both Phipps and the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden as well as offering it online independently.

If you're ready to learn exposure, composition, and how to tell stories keep an eye on my blog for when I drop the announcement about these classes. I'm working to schedule this class at least three times in 2022 so you should be able to sign up for one of my sessions no matter where in Pittsburgh you're at.

Other Photo Classes

I'm still talking with a few partners about some other photo classes I can teach in Pittsburgh in 2022. I'd also really love to hear from you so I know what photography classes you'd like to see me teach. Do you want to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, or other post processing techniques? Are you interested in learning about posing people or about using lighting? Drop me a line to let me know what classes you're interested in seeing and if there are any community partners that I should be reaching out to collaborate with on photography classes.

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