Prepare Your Spectacular Backyard Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Don Orkoskey | September 12, 2022

Prepare your spectacular backyard wedding without breaking the bank with this handy guide brought to you by your Pittsburgh wedding photographer Don Orkoskey.

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Prepare Your Spectacular Backyard Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

Prepare for your spectacular wedding without breaking the bank If you’re looking for an intimate and meaningful venue for your wedding, look no further than your backyard. A wedding at home lets you include your pets, decorate however you like, and celebrate in a spot that has great meaning to you.

It can also help you save money. A small space limits your guest list, which brings costs down, even if you have to rent tables or a tent. In 2019, the average cost of a wedding in the United States was $28,000, so any money saved can be a big help as you start your life together.

If you’re worried that your yard doesn’t look good enough, there are simple and affordable steps you can take that can have a big impact on your special day.

Soft Landscaping

Add Plants

Plan early so you can plant less expensive, smaller plants and give them time to grow. There are plenty of American wildflowers that add pops of color without requiring too much maintenance.

Flower seeds are affordable and can be planted in pots so you can position them where you want them on the big day. Choose colors that match your theme, or borrow pots from family and friends if you're happy with an eclectic look.


Reseed your lawn a couple of months before the wedding to create a lush look. Closer to the day, fill any holes and remove clumpy areas so you don’t trip while walking down the aisle. Make sure to mow a couple of days before the ceremony, and refrain from watering so you don’t have muddy patches.

Highlight Existing Beauty

Established plants can be a focal point of your decorations, so make sure they look their best. This might mean pruning your roses so they flower well or trimming branches so a shade tree is the perfect backdrop for saying “I do.”

Planning for a wedding takes lots of work, so if you don’t have the time to beautify your yard, call on backyard landscaping services.

Hard Landscaping

Lighting and Sound

Lighting is an essential element if you want your guests to party the night away. Consider using solar lights, which come in a myriad of stylish designs. As they use power from the sun, you may also be able to save on renting a generator for extra power. If you’re not hiring a band, keep your guests dancing with a couple portable and compact Bluetooth speakers.


Your guests need a walkway to get to your yard. If your path isn't long enough, adding paving stones can be an inexpensive solution to provide a solid foundation for guests in high heels.


Even though your guests won’t be inside the house, they will see any backyard-facing windows. You don’t want them focused on cobwebs and water stains when they should be focusing on the bride and groom. Look online for “residential window washers near me” and select a few with the best reviews to contact. Make sure they can get the work done in time, and check references to ensure nothing goes wrong.


If you already have a patio or deck, think about adding an inexpensive rug to brighten up the area and ribbons or plants that match your wedding colors. If you want to add a patio, make sure you choose a design and materials that match your home's exterior.

As hard landscaping can be expensive, be sure you think beyond your wedding day. Anything permanent you add should increase the value of your property, as well as create a beautiful space for your wedding.

Stick to Your Plan for a Great Day

Find a good backyard wedding checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything for your big day. With a plan, some ingenuity, imagination, and a willingness to get your hands dirty, you can have a wedding at home without breaking the bank.

When the big day arrives, you’ll know that you’ve saved money and made something beautiful to celebrate something even more beautiful - your commitment to each other. Be sure to capture these amazing moments, and the gorgeous work you did on your yard, with a great photographer. Don and his team at WDO Photography can capture everything magical about your day. View his wedding portfolio and contact him today to ensure your wedding day is available.

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