Wedding Photography Process

Don Orkoskey | January 10, 2022

The wedding photography process

Wedding Photography Process

My wedding photography process is designed to meet your needs and to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident that your wedding day will be photographed exactly how you want and expect.

Free No-Pressure Consultation

This is a big decision which is why you'll have a free no-pressure consultation with me to discuss everything before you sign a contract. We'll meet, talk about your wedding, talk about you as a couple and individuals, and discuss what you want and need to make your photos truly authentic and representative of who you are.

At our meeting you'll receive a copy of my contact to review, pricing information and packages. All of this you can take home and discuss. There's no pressure to sign on the spot. Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal and you deserve to have the time to meet with as many photographers as you need in order to find a good fit and to review everything before making any decisions.

Note: With Covid-19 I am happy to meet with you via Zoom. I am boosted and fully vaccinated and will happily wear a mask if you'd prefer to meet in person.


Once you are ready and I've answered any questions you might have we'll sign your contract and begin to talk about pre-wedding photos such as your FREE engagement session. I accept electronic signatures for my contracts so we can even do this portion via email which is fast and convenient. Our contract will explain everything in easy-to-read language and broken down into sections so finding answers if you forget something is super easy.


Along with your contract you'll need to provide a deposit. There is a two week grace period from when you sign your contract and the deposit is only $500 regardless of the package you've chosen.

Engagement Session

Before your wedding we'll have an engagement session which helps you feel more comfortable being photographed. The engagement session also gives me a better sense of how you move, how you interact as a couple, and how to photograph you. I'll offer you tips and suggestions that can help you feel more confident in front of the camera and will make a note of those. Then I'll share those notes before your wedding as a reminder of how to pose in order to look your absolute best in your wedding photos and in the snapshots your friends and family take.

Pre-Wedding Check-in

A week or two before your wedding we'll have a quick pre-wedding check-in either by email or by meeting (virtually or in person). At this check-in you can let me know of any last minute changes, about special guests that you really want photographed, and about any surprises you're planning (like doing a cake smash into your maid-of-honor and best-man's faces rather than each others). Of course if you have surprises for each other you can email or call me privately to tell me what to expect and when to expect it.

We'll go over the plan for your wedding day and make sure that we are on the same page. This meeting is also a chance to reflect on all the work you've done leading up to your wedding. Wedding planning is hard work even if you've got a lot of help. I'm always here to answer any last minute questions you've got and this check-in is the perfect time to take a pause and catch your breath.

At the pre-wedding check-in we'll also go over any remaining balance that you owe for your photos. Like most photographers and other wedding vendors I do require full payment before the wedding day.

Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day has arrived! Congratulations!! All the hard work is about to pay off. Remember to breath and try to take it all in. It will go so fast, it's unbelievable but that's why you've hired professional photographers like myself and my team to make sure we document all the details, every important moment, and the intangible stuff like those glances you'll shoot each other quietly.

Your wedding day is such a special occasion and it is a great honor to be your wedding photographers. This is a responsibility that I take with the upmost seriousness. There are no second chances to capture that first kiss as a married couple or the fight for the bouquet catch. No matter who you choose to photography your wedding make sure they are someone you trust, someone with experience, and someone that understands who you are and how you want your wedding photographed.

Formal Portraits

Most couples set aside time after the wedding ceremony for formal photos. Don't forget to estimate enough time to travel to any locations you want to do formal wedding portraits and to spend at least 30 minutes, ideally 45 minutes, at that location to capture your formal photos.

Your Wedding Photos

I promise you that you will have access to a gallery of your wedding photos within three weeks of your wedding. They'll be stored in a password-protected gallery that you'll have access to before anyone else.  If you want we can remove the password and make them public for easy access for your friends and family or you can share the password with them if you want to keep them private.

I host all of my wedding couple's photos on Zenfolio where you or anyone else with access can choose favorites, download photos if you've selected a package that includes digital copies, and order prints directly.

You'll also be able to ask me to remove any photos that you're unhappy with or that you think one of your guests might be unhappy with. This doesn't happen often but I'm always happy to do so and can place those photos in a separate gallery if you want them but don't want to share them.

Selecting Your Wedding Package Photos

Take your time selecting your wedding package photos. If you prefer we can meet and discuss what photos will look best at what size and even how or where to shop for things such as frames and matting options. I can also drop ship specific photos from your package to your relatives if you wish to send some as gifts. For example, your parents will likely love to have a large print they can display in their homes. If you've got a special aunt or uncle or anyone else who were unable to travel it's nice to send them a print as well.

Wedding Photography Process

There's no reason for the wedding photography process to feel overwhelming. With me and my team you can relax and feel confident knowing that your wedding is being photographed by the best in Pittsburgh who will always capture your wedding with authenticity and tell the story of your wedding with honest photography that shows your deep love for each other and the love your friends and family feel for you both. Find our more or contact me today to book your wedding by visiting my wedding photography services page.

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