404 Error

404 Error Frog The frog I hired to run the website has turned up a 404 error. First, this is a bit awkward. Something is missing and the frog can't find it. As a result whatever you asked your browser to load could not be loaded. That said, there's a slim chance that the frog is loaded. I'm going to check into that.

Don't worry though. It's not your fault, (it's clearly the frogs). This means we've got a few choices.

You can:

  1. Use your back-button to return to the previous page
  2. Tap on something in the navigation menu up top to go to another page
  3. Yell at the frog until you feel better about this 404 error then do either of the other options
  4. Use the search bar to try to find what you're looking for (sometimes the frog moves things around).
  5. contact me about this here 404 error.

Sorry for the inconvenience! The frog is my brother's kid, otherwise I'd never have hired him.

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