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Game Changer: Sony’s New Phone Camera

The Xperia Pro-I is a game changer. Sony’s new phone camera sports a 1 inch sensor and all sorts of great tech that will take phone photography to a whole new level. In this post I’m going to break down why it’s such a game changer and what all of this stuff means to the average consumer who just wants to take really nice photos with their phone. Sony’s isn’t the first phone to ship with a 1 inch camera sensor. Leica’s Leitz Phone 1 was announced earlier this year. It also sports a 1 inch camera sensor. However the Xperia Pro-I is packed with a lot of other features and tech that take it to a whole other level. Does this point to a phone camera arms race? I hope so as that would great news for phone photographers, vloggers, and the average consumer. Bigger sensors mean better photos and with phone cameras dominating the consumer camera market better cameras are absolutely a good thing. Specifications and Features Let’s talk about the specifications and features in Sony’s new phone camera. Then I’ll break down how they help phone photographers and the average phone owner. Sony’s Xperia Pro-I not only
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