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Photography Terms You Should Know: Aperture

Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey here with the first of my list of photography terms you should know. We’re starting with aperture!
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Photography Terms You Should Know: Aperture Priority

I’m Pittsburgh photographer Don Orkoskey. Here is a photography term you should know: aperture priority, part of my giant list of photo terms.

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Exposure is the amount of light we record in a photo. It determines what we see and how bright the scene is. No matter what we're using, film or a digital sensor, our exposure is what gets recorded. We control the amount of light we let into our camera in two ways. First is time. We allow light to come into our camera over a set period of time. If there is more light available we need less time and vice versa. The second way is the volume of light we allow in. We control this with our lens's aperture. We can also use different levels of sensitivity in our recording medium. These three things all impact how bright or dark our scene appears.Read more from pro photographer Don Orkoskey on his Pittsburgh photography blog.
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