Photography Composition Class


Join us on Sat Feb 6th and learn photography composition. We’ll teach you how to compose more beautiful, attention grabbing, and interesting pictures.


Sign up for our photography composition class. Learn how to compose your shot. Create beautiful photos. Make more compelling photos as a result of this class. You will learn the principles of design, the elements of composition, and to pull them together to make your photos more interesting. Learn to think visually. Understand the power of the frame. Grab the attention of your viewers. Master composition and show the world your vision as a photographer.

Photography Composition Class Requirements

Photography composition class is taught in one 90 minute installment. Meet live with your expert instructor and fellow students. You’ll need a digital camera, a notebook and pen, and an internet connected computer. You can use a phone or the latest greatest DSLR. This class is not about the technical aspects of photography. You should have an understanding of how to adjust your exposure. Beyond that all students are welcome. The focus of this class is composing photos.

Class Schedule

Join us starting Sat. Feb 6th 10 am. The class will run from 10 am until 11:30 am. All skill levels are welcome and no matter what type of camera you have you will find the class informative and enjoyable.

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If you have more questions before or after class please visit our contact page and let us know. To find out more about WDO Photography visit our about page.