Intro to Phone Photography Class


Join us Sunday Jan 31st from 9 am until 11 am for an introduction to phone photography from WDO Photography. Learn to create better photos with your camera phone from the folks at WDO Photography.


Join WDO Photography for this 2-hour intro to phone photography class. Learn how to make better photos with your phone. All are welcome. This class will teach you how to get the most out of your phone’s camera. Learn what to do with the photos once you’ve taken them in our all new photo processing for phone photos class coming early next year!

Learn Phone Photography

  • exposure
  • focus
  • composition
  • the principles of photography and design
  • Your phone’s restrictions
  • Your phone’s advantages
  • Add-on’s and modifiers you can use to make better phone photos.

Learn what your phone can and can’t do. Expand your phone photography skills, become a better photographer using your iPhone, Android, or other smart phone to make pictures that stand out on social media sites including Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr, Twitter, and more.

Class Schedule

Join us Sunday Jan 31st from 9 am until 11 am for Intro to Phone Photography and learn how to make better photos with your phone.

Is this class for me?

This class is for everyone with an interest in phone photography. Beginners and serious hobbyists are always welcome. This is not really a class for professionals but if you’d like to know more about how to use your phone camera you’re welcome to sign up. There will be a presentation with specific information on how to use your phone’s camera. We will follow that with a discussion and question period. Better phone photography is a great class to take if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of photography and are ready to take better photos with your phone but you’re not ready to commit to buying a more expensive digital camera.

Sign Up Today!

If you have more questions before or after the class please visit our contact page and let us know. To find out more about WDO Photography visit our about page.