Intro to Lightroom Class (In person)

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Join us Dec 3rd at 6 pm for an Introduction to Adobe Lightroom. Learn to post process photos, edit RAW images, and manage your photography catalog with this intro to Adobe Lightroom.

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Join Don Orkoskey from WDO Photography for Intro to Lightroom class on Dec 3rd from 6 pm until 8 pm at the Focus on the Arts Gallery at Pittsburgh Mills. Learn to post process your photos and harness the power of Lightroom and shooting in RAW. In this class you’ll learn manage your photography catalog better. You’ll learn how to edit RAW images and make fine adjustments to your photos. Lightroom is a powerful tool. You can alter your images and save your changes as presets. Discover how to color correct, adjust your exposure, sharpness, make local corrections, and much more.

Class Schedule

Join us Dec. 3rd from 6 pm until 8 pm at the Focus on the Arts Gallery for our Introduction to Adobe Lightroom class.

Intro to Lightroom Class Requirements

The Intro to Lightroom class is taught in 2 hour installment. Meet live with your expert instructor and fellow students. You’re should have access to digital image files in a RAW format, a notebook and pen, and a copy of Adobe Lightroom on your phone or computer. If you do not already own Lightroom you can get a FREE 7 day trial of Lightroom from Adobe here.

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