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WDO Photography means high quality, hard work, and great results. W. Donald Orkoskey, the owner of WDO Photography, offers affordable and competitive prices. The dedication to service, wide range of experience, and knowledge of how to deliver exactly what you're asking for means the value you get from WDO Photography is far greater than that of our competition.

Don and his team at WDO Photography work harder, create more compelling images, and completes the work faster. Building on more than a decade in business shows that WDO Photography is the right choice for great value, a great price, and excellent photography. Clients that regularly employ photographers always comment on the laser-focus, hustle, and ability to capture their events that you will see when you hire WDO Photography to photograph your event. Clients are never left waiting or calling to find out when the job will be done. Don will provide an estimate before the job and after wrapping on the shoot always makes sure his client knows when to expect the final edited product. Complete coverage, images that wow, and a turn around that can't be matched make WDO Photography  your best choice for quality, value, and customer support.

Great Rates

WDO Photography offers great rates that meet your needs. Offering day rate, half-day, and hourly rates makes WDO Photography flexible and able to fit your budget. Usage and rights are price are negotiable. Rates published on this page are subject to change and serve only as a guide of what you might expect to pay. Contact WDO Photography to request a more accurate estimate or to obtain a quote.

Payment Methods

WDO Photography accepts a variety of payment methods including cash, check, credit, debit, and bank transfers. You can even make installment payments with low or even no fees (depending on how you pay).

Commercial Photography Rates

Commercial photography rates are for commercial clients. Commercial clients pay for rights and usage (depending on their use) in order to use the images for commercial purposes. Commercial photography includes any photos that are used for any purpose other than private use. These pre-contracted rates are subject to change. For an accurate quote please contact WDO Photography here for an estimate.

Day Rate: $2,000 (up to 11 hours) *Any additional time over 11 hours is billed at the hourly rate per hour.

  • 1/2 Day Rate: $1,000 (up to 5 hours).
  • Hourly Rate: $250 (minimum of 2 hours).
  • Non-profit: Registered non-profits are offered a 20% discounted rate on their final cost (including rights and usage).

Noncommercial Clients

Noncommercial clients (families, individuals, and some limited organizations) are offered reduced rates for rights and usage with restrictions on the use of their images. Request a quote here.

Noncommercial photography includes any photos that are done for private enjoyment (weddings, family portraits, private parties) that will not be sold or used for promotional purposes.

Wedding clients can find pricing information here. Visit WDO Photography’s wedding photography website for work samples and more.

For information on prices for family photos, seniors, couples photos, and more please visit the contact form here.