Sarah and RandyWDO Photography specializes in wedding photography. Since 2007 W. Donald Orkoskey, the owner of WDO Photography and his team including his very talented wedding photography partner Sarah Colligan, (photographed here with Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress).

Don and Sarah are committed to providing you with unmatched and worry-free wedding photography on your special day. No other photographers will work harder, listen to your unique needs, and deliver the exceptional photos that your wedding calls for, all for a price that can't be matched.

WDO Photography offers a guarantee three-week proof time meaning that you will get your photographs within three weeks. Unlike other wedding photographers we don't leave our couples waiting and wondering when they'll get to see their wedding photos. Free consultation, free engagement photos, and a turn around time that no other photographers will promise makes WDO Photography your first choice. You'll also never be forced to pay for prints or extras that you don't need or want. All of WDO Photography's services are a la carte meaning you only pay for what you want. Your photos are stored in a secure, password-protected gallery, where you can share them with your family and friends and where you can and they may order prints at any time. With all of this you might expect WDO Photography to cost a fortune but do not fear. We are a budget friendly wedding photography service. Don and Sarah are committed to the idea that everyone deserves beautiful wedding photos they can display and share with their guests, families, and friends for decades to come. Wedding photography prices are listed on and even if WDO Photography seems out of your price range Don is happy to speak with you about alternatives including other talented wedding photographers who may be in your price range and who can be trusted to provide quality work.

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