Wedding Photography


Sarah and Randy

Sarah Colligan, (photographed with Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress).

Welcome to my wedding photography gallery!

I've been a wedding photographer since my first wedding in 1999. I was in school for photography and was asked by a few close friends to capture their special day. After that first thrilling and amazing wedding I was hooked and have photographed countless weddings, engagements, commitment ceremonies, vowel renewals, and more.

Before founding WDO Photography in 2007 I worked as a second photographer for a number of amazing photographers and improved my skills, learned how to deliver amazing photos, and to manage the business in order to prevent frustration and ensure we all have a great time working together.

I have had the pleasure to photograph the weddings of a number of other photographers, visual artists, and other creatives who've trusted my vision and ability to capture their weddings in a way they can proudly display. I feel honored to have participated in so many couple's weddings, not only those of artists but of all of my clients who each deserve weddings photos that are well composed, visually stunning, and that tell the story of their wedding truthfully, thoughtfully, and with a sense of depth and delicacy that your once in a lifetime event deserves.

Weddings are such a rewarding and fun event to be a part of. Knowing that my photos will be looked at for generations and will be a lasting part of your family's legacy is truly humbling.

Wedding Partner

When you hire me for your wedding you're also hiring my wedding partner Sarah Colligan. My first two years I had several second photographers. They were all talented but none fit well with my style or my personality. Then one day I got a reply to a message looking for second photographers from the wonderful and talented Sarah.

Sarah has been my second photographer and wedding partner ever since. An incredible photographer in her own right, I am so happy that Sarah and I are able to make so many couples happy. Her love for and dedication to what we do is unmatched. She is truly amazing and you will love working with her as much as I do!

Sarah is an accomplished ultra long distance runner, amazing mom, and of course a truly gifted visionary photographer. When we're not photographing wedding couples that I've booked she takes her own bookings for weddings, doing family photos, seniors portraits, kids and baby photos, and lots of other sessions. Her work is really wonderful and I encourage you to check out her photography.

My Wedding Style

My wedding style is mostly editorial and journalistic. What does that mean? It means that I capture a lot of great moments between people and of people doing wonderful things. I enjoy fashion photography and I do a lot of poses for your formal portraits but my wedding style is less formal, more natural, and focuses on photographing those extra special moments on your special day.

After years as a sports photographer my ability to frame and time the action and motion of your wedding day makes my photos to stand out. I am keenly interested in people and how we interact with each other and the world around us. Capturing photos of these interactions and special moments provides you with photos that you will love to look at again and again.

When it's possible I love to photography close and use wide angle lenses that give people looking at your photos a sense of being there. Of course I won't intrude during special moments so I also bring a variety of long lenses that allow me to photograph those more delicate times from some distance without disturbing you or your guests. That said, when I can get close and use a wide angle lens the photos take on an entirely different look and feel that I promise you will love.

The most important aspect of my work, in wedding photography and elsewhere, is making sure you are well informed and understand what to expect. You knowing how we will create photos that you will love is key to you trusting me to deliver. This is why I have created a special process that helps you feel confident and comfortable both in front of the camera and when it comes to everything else we do together from contracting to final delivery. I believe that when you know what we're doing you can feel more comfortable and that means we will make better photos together.

Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer should be a lot of fun. However, searching for someone who matches your personalities and whose style and type of photography you like and can envision yourselves photographed in isn't always easy. My philosophy when it comes to the couples that Sarah and I book is simple - we need to match. If we don't you won't be happy and that is no good for either of us.

Because I have been doing wedding photography for so long I know a lot of amazing wedding photographers in the Pittsburgh area. If we don't match, even if you like our style, or like me or Sarah personally but not our styles, I promise to recommend a few other photographers who you will like better. I would rather help you and another photographer find each other than have you be unhappy about such a critically important part of your wedding or hear that you had a bad experience with a weekend warrior or someone cosplaying as a photographer.

Finding Your Match

How do you go about finding your match? The first step is to look at a photographer's style. Do you like the aesthetics? Can you see yourself in those photos? Do the poses and colors call out to you? If the style matches then reach out. I always offer free consultations and most other wedding photographers do as well. Just like finding your partner or making a new friend, the photographers you meet with should have some shared values with you. You should feel comfortable with me. We should be relaxed with each other. If that doesn't happen that's okay. Assuming we do match well, we can talk about reserving your date, contracting, and the next steps.

Wedding Photography Process

Our wedding photography process is designed to meet your needs and to make you feel comfortable and confident. Over the years I've come to understand what couples that we work with want so when you book with us you know exactly what you're getting before you sign your contract.

If we have your date available I will hold that date until we meet to talk about the process, packages, and how we work. At our meeting I will share a copy of my standard contact, pricing and packages, and outline the process from contract to post-wedding photo delivery.

If you are comfortable with the contract we can sign immediately or you can take the contract and other materials with you. I am happy to answer any questions you have and will wait for you to contact me unless I hear from another couple requesting photography on your same wedding date. With Covid-19 I am happy to meet with you via Zoom. Also Sarah and I will happily wear masks during your wedding.

Engagement Photos

After you sign your contract we will schedule an engagement session. Engagement photos are included with all of our packages. They not only give you a set of couples portraits that you can use to announce your wedding or can display at your wedding but they also give us a chance to work together and develop more trust.

It's not easy for everyone being in front of cameras and the center of attention. Getting used to having the cameras pointing at you will make less intimidated on your wedding day. Practicing poses and micro-expressions will also help on your wedding day which may be fairly stressful.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning takes a lot of time, even for a small wedding. When it comes to your wedding photography the planning we walk through with you is very straight-forward. Once I deliver your engagement photos I like to meet with you at least one other time close to the wedding day to go over information about your venues and their rules, formal portrait locations, timing, a list of attendees that you need photos of, and any other relevant points that we need to discuss.

Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day Sarah and I will arrive as agreed upon. Usually we do photos of the couple and any friends and family who are getting ready. Sarah meets one half of the couple and their attendants and I meet the others. At heterosexual weddings Sarah usually meets with the bride and I meet with the groom. For non-binary, same-sex couples, or straight couples getting ready together we work with you to decide who covers whom.

After your getting ready photos we can do formal portraits. If you're not seeing each other before the ceremony we'll do individual formal portraits. Sarah and I follow all the rules that your venues put in place.

Formal Portraits

Most couples set aside time after the wedding ceremony for formal photos. Please set aside enough time to travel to any locations we've discussed and for us to spend at least 30 minutes, ideally 45 minutes, at that location.

We also ask that you allow us to arrive at the reception site and be prepared before you're announced. Prior to the wedding we'll discuss all of this again. If there are any changes to the order of events at the reception we will work with the DJ and any appointed attendant that you assign to make sure that we have the updated schedule.

For sit down dinner we ask that you place us in an area that is fed immediately after you. This allows us to finish eating when you do so we can accompany you as you visit tables or do other things that you want photographed.

After Your Wedding

After your wedding I guarantee you will see your proofs within three weeks. Some other wedding photographers leave couples waiting and wondering when they'll get to see their wedding photos. We never do that to you. Within three weeks after your wedding you will see your photos.

Your photos are always stored in a secure, password-protected gallery. After you've seen then you can share the link and password with your family and friends. They can order prints directly from the gallery at any time.

Contact me to ask any questions or to see if your date is open using the form below or by calling or texting to 412.206.9364. I answer all the emails, calls, and texts myself. I can't wait to talk with you about your wedding! Congratulations on your engagement!!

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